94 Presents Issue 2 Cover Star

It’s that time again; time for NinetyFour Magazine to treat you all to a second print issue!

We can hardly contain our excitement for this upcoming issue and would love to introduce to you our Issue 2 cover star…




Jerry wears: Personalised T-shirt: Limpet Store, Rings: Pink Pickle Studio

Photographer & Director: Ryan Alsford

Photography Assistant: Ruth Brittain

A force to be reckoned with in the form of contemporary indie pop, this 22-year-old singer songwriter from Portsmouth serves major talent and fashion inspo worthy of your attention. Her stage presence alone will leave you mesmerised (in the best way obviously).

With over 8 million streams on Spotify, Williams has gained mainstream TV, online and press support from the likes of E4s Made in Chelsea and Wonderland Magazine to name a few. As well as supporting big names in music such as Tom Jones, she has many notable achievements under her belt. Williams also played at the Nasty Gal pop up shop on Carnaby Street, London and was featured on Topshop’s blog as their new favourite musician of 2018.

We interviewed Jerry for issue 2 after she arrived home from her UK and European tour with SWMRS and as a treat, we have an exclusive sneak peak of the interview below…


Jerry wears: T-shirt: Studio Five, Belt: Topshop, Shoes: Dr Martens


Jerry wears: earrings: Cotton Crowd, Top, Belt & Trousers: Topshop

94: The first song we heard from you was ‘Grab Life’ which we thought was a breath of fresh air, can you describe your sound to someone who has never came across your music?

JW: “Such a hard question, I honestly don’t know! I’d say in terms of sound it’s quite summery and smiley… so cheesy! I’ve tried to make it more jangly and edgy as like time has gone on kind of like roughed up indie pop. The new stuff definitely is that but in terms of song writing it’s quite a quirky narrative and there’s a couple of sad undertones in it as well.”


94: Is there any artist in particular you’re really influenced by musically, past or present?

JW: “I’ve always loved a band called Slow Club. They’re a guy and a girl duo and their lyrics are just like eugh (insert heart face emoji). They’re so good and their stories and the concepts of what they write about are great. They inspired me to write differently and think of different ways to say things. Slow Club have been one of my biggest artists that I love and will always love.”



Jerry wears: T-shirt: Kennedy, Trousers: Topshop, Rings: Pink Pickle Studio Guitar: Epiphone

Jerry’s advice for others who are trying to pursue a career within the music industry is, “I know its cheesy, but just stick to yourself and don’t try to be anybody else, it’s just not gonna work! I know I can go to sleep at night properly because I’m not doing anything that’s not me, I’m just doing what I want and I’m happy.”

Issue 2 will be available for pre order on the 18th October!!

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Jerry wears: Personalised T-shirt: Limpet Store, Shoes: Dr Martens, Guitar: Epiphone

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