Christmas Cactus Cocktail

I mean, coconut water is good but have you ever tried cactus water?

No? Well neither had we, until last week when the lovely people from True Nopal sent us over a nice big box of their very own cactus water for the full office to try.

True Nopal cactus water has a refreshing fruit taste and is 100% natural. it will hydrate your body with a combination of antioxidants and electrolytes with no added sugars, no preservatives, no gmo and it’s even vegan and gluten-free. in other words, it’s straight from the earth just the way it was intended to be. oh, btw, True Nopal cactus water has about half the calories and half the sugar as the leading brand of coconut water. drink true…be true. 

Light and refreshing, the common comment between us all was “this would taste great with alcohol” …So here you are:

3 Cactus Cocktails, just in time for Christmas!

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