Tips To Save Your Ass From Overspending

Whatever age you are and whatever amount of money you earn there is always something that you feel like you have to get… and how many times have you said to yourself: “Fuck it we only live once, I’m going to pay for this!”. Yes, too many, I know same here.


I am one of those people as well who said that above quoted sentence and I love to see my money hanging in my already full closet. I never say I have nothing to wear, I usually don’t know what to wear and I always still have something that I need and I can’t live without just to make that “I don’t know what to wear” harder.

So when I cleaned my closet I found so many clothes that I got, wore at least twice and never wore again. There are always clothes you will buy and not wear enough times and there will always be clothes you buy to update your wardrobe, which is fair enough. But you also want to be sensible, save money and get the most important things so you won’t have an overflowing wardrobe, but you will always have something to wear.


To prevent overspending, too much clothes (it’s never enough of them, but let’s admit there is always too much of them) and to focus on the most important pieces here is a list I used sometimes in 2017 but I will 100% stick to in 2018:

  1. Think what you need and only buy that. Make a list!

Need a new pair of black shoes? Get one for a fair price that won’t go damaged after 2 night outs and you can easily clean and wear with anything. Think about colours, fabrics and patterns that you can wear with more than one outfit. They are the most useful pieces of your wardrobe. Don’t buy something just for one outfit, everything in your wardrobe has to be functional and useful.


  1. Think about basics. List them again!

We all need black/white/striped/etc t-shirts, black/blue jeans and all this basic stuff. It’s not a bad thing focusing either only on these, or having these (for a fair price again) and adding some “extras” that will keep the basic interesting.


  1. Don’t spend too much on those “extras”

First of all I hate when people get outfits for one and one occasion only. I have ball gowns as well that I only wore twice at least, but I got them because I saw the possibility of remaking them to short dresses for any occasion. Smart isn’t it? But if you can’t do that, before you go to any occasions, look through your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to wear the same outfits again. Or be creative and wear something you would never wear but are two interesting pieces from your wardrobe. Experiment! It’s fashion, it’s creativity, it’s fun and this is how you save money.


  1. Sustainable fashion is a good thing. It’s unique.

So before you go for a clothes shopping obviously with your list of what do you need, check out second-hand and charity shops. Oh and vintage is a good idea as well, however I understand is you are not one of those people who are happy to wear old or used clothes. By the way in charity shops everything you can find is in a wearable conditions just for a cheaper price and you will definitely find things the previous owner forgot about and never wore. They only have one of everything so whatever you get, you won’t see it coming in front of you on the streets.


  1. Pay more for better quality once

Some people don’t like second-hand which is understandable, it’s not something everyone has to like. But if you have some money to spend and you are getting all the basic and the most useful stuff you need in your wardrobe to keep ready for any occasion, don’t worry about spending money on something a little more expensive. I know you can get a white t-shirt in some shops for £3, but that will last for exactly that long. When you get something think about how many times you will wear it and think how much it would per wear. That’s why you should spend more on basics and less on extras. Problem solved.


  1. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts! They save lives! And money.

Yes, some places offer discounts for students, people who work in the same building or there are seasonal offers on selected lines, or SALES! How much we love sales, don’t we? Just one thing about: just because it’s on sale and it’s beautiful and you can get it cheaper, if you don’t need it DON’T PAY FOR IT! It’s going to be useless or you will only wear it once and even if you got it for 30% off, it’s a huge price to pay for something useless. Imagine if you paid for a large pizza and you only got the box with only half a pizza in it! That won’t help your hanger, and it is not worth the price!

This is the mission impossible for some of us, isn’t it? Holding it back, getting exactly what we need and not everything we want. But on the long term it’s the best thing you can do for the perfect wardrobe that will always have something for you to wear and you will always be unique. Plus your bank card will love you for ever for not ruining that little chip on it before the expire date!


You are welcome! Good luck! Any more ideas? Let us #FirstWorldPeople know because there is never enough knowledge on how to spend money.

Thanks, Dora! we’ll be putting some of these tips into practice!

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