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East London based HANNIE consists of Hannah Koppenburg on keys and Annie Wagstaff on guitar. The pair being by simply putting videos on YouTube and Instagram of them covering songs and within a year, HANNIE had gained over 250,000 followers and have released three singles, ‘Cosmic Bound’, ‘Target’ and ‘Low Key’, featuring the likes of Carys Selvey and Ralph.

Although only three releases deep, the duo have already received support from the likes of Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, BBC London and Atwood Magazine.

Read more from the duo below…

Can you give us some background on how HANNIE was created?

Totally! We’ve been housemates for a couple of years, we lived together at uni and then moved to London together where we both started to get into the session scene playing for other artists. That’s exactly what we wanted to do at the time, we were going to every audition we heard of and every jam night that we could. It was a common thing for fixers (or people who audition you) to ask for videos of you playing, I guess so they can see how well you play and what you look like etc. We decided we’d do a couple of videos together to make it a bit more fun. We then put them on Instagram and it was literally a
couple of hours later that we looked at our pages and our followers had tripled. We thought there was a virus on Instagram or something. So then we just kept doing similar videos and it kept growing. People started to ask us when we’d release music and when we’d go on tour together. At the time we’d never even written a song, we were just instrumentalists, but that was when we started to write and form HANNIE. Also, we were a bit sceptical about calling the project “HANNIE” but that’s just what everyone called us at uni and it stuck so HANNIE seemed like the natural thing.

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For those who haven’t yet heard your music, how would you describe your sound?

It’s pretty poppy, slightly electronic with some dance influence and
funky guitars.

We love your production ‘Stay Another Night’ feat. Hight, can you tell us about the process behind creating this track and how you chose someone for lead vocals?

Thanks! We were hanging out with Hight one day in the summer, It started with the guitar riff that you hear in the chorus, then Hight started singing the line “stay another night”, which then turned to “don’t let me stay another night”. From that we wrote the song on acoustic guitar in a couple of hours. We then produced it afterwards and Hight was keen to feature on the track which we were super happy about. We always prefer to have the vocalist as the person we wrote the song with.

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Who would be your dream collab?

OH SO MANY PEOPLE. Adam Levine, freaking love his voice! Mø, her voice is also dreamy! There’re loads of people we’d absolutely love to collab with but these are top of the list.

What does 2019 hold for HANNIE?

SO MUCH! We’ve got loads more songs coming and also live shows! SO excited to show you what’s in store for the new year!!

Find more from HANNIE on their website, Instagram (@hannieplays), YouTube and Twitter (@hanniemusic)


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