NYE Glow Up


olivia NYE 4


So this is my NYE look! It’s glamorous but still sophisticated with a pop of glitter running through the crease of the eyelid.

olivia NYE 5

I love getting the chance to dress up and glow up, whilst still keeping it classy. I think this look gives you that perfect balance. I hope this is something everyone can create easily so they can bring in the new year in style!

olivia NYE


Products used:

Bobbi Brown vitamin face base
olivia NYE 1Too faced Born this Way foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
No7 Translucent Perfect Light Loose Powder
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow
Doll Light Highlighter “Like a Diamond”
Morphe Copper Spice 25A palette (eyes and brows)
Urban Decay Cosmetics, Midnight Cowboy Glitter Liner
L’Oréal Brow artist
Mac Stripdown Lip Pencil
Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick
Maybelline the Falsies Mascara
Mac Fix Plus

Doll Beauty lashes in Stephanie


Send us your NYE looks via instagram: @ninetyfourmag and we hope you have an amazing time bringing in the New Year with your fabulous look! Happy 2018!

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It would appear that most people have those intentions at the start of the new year to be a better & fitter version of the person they were in the previous year… And if you don’t then well at least you’re honest.

To all our lovely lady readers (& lads who have a girlfriend, sister, mother, friend etc etc hint hint) we are kick starting your 2018 fitness goals by teaming up with women’s fitness brand GYMGRL to give you the chance to win yourself the Midnight Sports Bra.


Nothing says motivation more than some new flashy gym wear. All products are designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom to give the products the highest of quality.



You can enter the GYMGRL giveaway via facebook OR instagram…



You must do all three instructions for either facebook OR Instagram – if you do both you’re name will be entered twice.


The winner will be picked at random and announced via our social media on the 1st of January 2018.



Check out GYMGRL:

Etsy – GYMGRLwear

Facebook – @gymgrlwear

Instagram – @gymgrlwear


I’m Dreaming of an Effortless & Chic Christmas Look

At this time of the year everyone is so busy and may not have the time or skill to give themselves a “full glam” look. So I wanted to create something really simple but effective, that’s easy for everyone to create.

christmas make up

This look focuses on achieving really flawless, fresh looking skin, simple eyes and a bold lip.

I do love full glam looks, but for everyday I’m all for “natural beauty” and I believe people should learn to work with what they have instead of hiding behind layers upon layers of makeup on a daily basis. I’ve recently had a lash lift at LUX which is essentially a perm for your lashes and it’s really boosted my confidence when I don’t have my lashes on. So that’s a small thing I would recommend others to try out if they aren’t confident when not wearing lashes, and even if you are, it would give your lashes thy extra boost!

christmas make up 4

Products used:

Bobbi Brown vitamin face base
Too Faced Born This Way foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
No7 Translucent Perfect Light Loose Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Kiko Baked Fusion Powder no.6
Doll Light Highlighter “Like a Diamond”
Mac neutrals Palette (eyes and brows)
L’Oréal Brow artist
Mac Cherry Liner
Mac Relentlessly Red Lipstick
Maybelline the falsies mascara
Mac Fix Plus
Anastasia Glow Kit

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christmas make up 1christmas make up 2

Parenthood Employment

Writer Sophie Isaacson discusses the harsh and busy reality of balancing a full time career along with being a loving mother to her two year old son.

Illustrations by the very talented Amy Killin.

Reaching for the weekend.jpg

I am all for women’s rights. I’m a proud descendent of some of the founding members of the suffragette movement in Scotland and I completely believe women and men can and do achieve anything they put their minds to every day.

However, I find myself, a young mum, working four days a week in a competitive office environment, while bringing up a two year old boy who wakes up at 5 am almost every morning feeling somewhat dismayed with the whole system for us women in today’s society. The pressure of our current equal society for women to ‘do it all’ can leave us in a constant state of guilt, feeling like we are under achieving, not giving enough to our families, not working hard enough, not climbing our way up our career ladders quickly enough, or just plain exhausted. We constantly find ourselves juggling our children’s needs with the expectations of our bosses, with some mum’s I know telling their employers that they are ill (instead of admitting that it is in fact their child who is running a temperature) in order to not be ‘marked down’ for being a parent. Instead of being supported in raising children we are all too often penalised in the workplace and made to feel inferior to male colleagues, childfree or single women. Instead of enjoying our children we are pressured into getting back to work, earning and keeping up with our colleagues. We find ourselves breast pumping in lunch breaks or crying in the office bathroom because it is so unnatural to be away from our babies for a full 8 hours.

working week Mid week.jpg

I sometimes find myself craving to stay at home with my little boy singing nursery rhymes and reading the same stories over and over again;  I sometimes sit in meetings dreaming of cooking meals and baking for my family only to look down at my diary and see that I have three more meetings and a trip to the supermarket before I can even think about going to pick up my flaked-out toddler from the arms of his childminder and then attempt to get him home semi-awake so that I can push as much pasta into his little mouth as I can before we both fall asleep before 7pm.

Whether we are working mums or not, we put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves, we give ourselves a hard time constantly for not being or doing enough, we measure ourselves up against other people, Instagram accounts, pinterest projects and we lose focus on what we are really achieving. Raising these little, incredible bundles of energy is a huge responsibility, they constantly try to injure themselves, they are irrational, wild, they don’t sleep and they refuse to eat anything healthy which is lovingly cooked for them. Staying at home with a mob of children is relentless and I would love for society to really stand up and congratulate women and all parents for sticking in there and bringing up wonderful little humans.

I believe if women want to go back to work quickly after having children, to be at the top of their game then that’s brilliant, I admire them. I admire the men who give up working to stay home with their babies.. But I also want it to be ok for women to want to stay at home, looking after their partners, raising their children, doing house work and feeding their families. For that job, from my experience is far more difficult and harder than I have ever experienced in any employment. It doesn’t have a clocking off time, it doesn’t have lunch breaks or even private toilet breaks for that matter. I would like to see a society where women are celebrated and feel empowered and proud whichever route they choose.

Soph Isaacson.

Keep up to date with Sophie on Instagram: @soph_iiii

Check out more amazing work from Berlin based illustrator & graphic designer Amy Killin on Instagram: @amykillingraphics

Dóra X NinetyFour


We are very excited to announce that we are teaming up with Glasgow based fashion blogger Dóra’s to bring you some fresh fashion related posts. What caught our eye about Dóra’s blog is that she has a focus on sustainability and how an outfit can be worn more than once in many funky different ways. With her own creative twist to her outfits using her embroidery and sewing skills, we love catching up on her posts for some serious (cost friendly) fashion inspo… Meet Dóra:

Hey Lovely Readers! 

This is the blog where you will find inspirational outfits, hand-embroidered clothes, vintage and second-hand clothes but most importantly: many different people with many different styles. You are welcome to join us!


My aim with my blog is to encourage people to show how they wear the same clothes in different ways. Fashion is about creativity, you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish or fashionable. We were all born with style and it is okay if you don’t know what your styles is yet, because you can try many things, but always be creative and enjoy all the options you have. High-street shops offer many things, but have you been to a vintage shop? You can find real treasures there or in charity shops! Remember fashion does not always have to be full price!

I own loads of clothes. Some of them are from my mum’s wardrobe from when she was 20-25, so the same age as me now. I love her clothes because they are coming back to fashion and she has such a good style! I like to wear my clothes in different ways, because this what makes me feel more comfortable and better about shopping. Enjoy looking at the same trousers and tops over and over again on my blog!


I know sometimes it might be boring looking at the same person who wears the same type of outfits. I like to play with my clothes but I also admire people with different styles. I know a little bit about photography so I take photos of girls and boys who love to dress up but they don’t know how much they could actually inspire people if they had a blog. So here I am to do this for them. I also love traditional clothes and teaching something new in every post about fashion. For me fashion is not just about clothes, style and posing. It has a history, something that has been keeping it alive for so long. I own at least 50 fashion books and Netflix will send me an email soon that I have watched the same fashion documentaries too many times and I should get a life. In all seriousness I love fashion for every bit of it.

I learnt from my Grandma and my Mother how to do embroidery. I started learning to sew as well and I will show some of my outfits that I made myself. I once made a pair of embroidered jeans and even Sew Confident posted about it because they were impressed! I love how much people like what I can make and I love when I hear the positive feedback about people enjoying reading my blog and looking at my pictures!

I am happy to inspire people, because I enjoy doing what I love and still making others happy!

Thank you for being here,



Check out this lovely lady’s work:

Blog: http://dorasfashionblog.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dorasfashionblog/

Front Women Takeover

Growing up I was huge on my punk rock music and like a lot of teenagers who went through that notorious ’emo phase’ I absolutely adored Paramore’s front woman Hayley Williams. I remember going to see them live and being in absolute awe at finally getting to see one of my favourite bands live… “like wow they’re actually real!”

Long gone are my emo-fangirl days and naturally my music taste has changed. Scrolling through a recent playlist I made on Spotify one fine Tuesday morning, I was struck by one obvious fact about the bands that I am currently listening to… and that fact is majority of them have woman lead singers.

Thinking back to my early teenage years the only band I can remember listening to often  that had a woman lead was in fact Paramore, I guess in the particular genre of music I was listening to it was just more common to have male front man. Flashing forward to my December 2017 playlists that would say the complete opposite and what can I say other than the front woman of today and killing it.

Actively on Spotify everyday looking for new artists, I have taken my top five front woman bands that you NEED to get familiar with in 2018 because the way these bands are going you’re going to hear about them anyway…


1 – Marmozets

With the lead vocals of Becca Macintyre at hand, Marmozets produce an energising rebellious rock vibe that I am completely obsessed with. Their song ‘Play’ caught my attention back in August and I soon worked my way through their debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ – the only way I can describe this album is it makes me want to start rioting… but in a good way y’know? Guitar led and attention grabbing vocals to accompany strong lyrics, Marmozets are definitely a go to for any rock music fan.

Check Out their recent release: ‘Major System Error’


2 – Anteros 

The first thing that actually attracted me to Anteros was their unusually funky artwork for their singles. My theory was if I liked what I seen, surely I would like what I hear? My theory was correct. The artwork for their music accurately represents their sound that is described as ‘bitter dream pop’. Lead vocalist from Laura Hayden grew up in the beautiful city of Barcelona – which would explain the Spanish lyrics sneaking into their banger of a tune ‘Drunk’. Anteros have a very vintage yet up to date sound that pretty much just makes me want to dance even if I am sitting at my work desk on a Monday morning – job done lads, pop up to Glasgow anytime!

Check Out Their Recent Release: Love

3 – Wolf Alice

Admittedly, I had actually heard of Wolf Alice for a while before actually getting around to listening to them. Commuting to work one morning, good ol’ Nick Grimshaw played catchy tune ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ and straight after that I checked out their most recent album ‘Visions Of A Life’ . Vocals of lead singer Ellie Rowsell add to a similar rebellious vibe of the Marmozets but with a more 90’s indie rock twist, Wolf Alice are a must for any grunge lover.

Check out their music video for ‘Beautifully Unconventional’


4 – Pale Waves

When Matty Healy of The 1975 posted a short clip of song ‘Television Romance’ on his instagram I automatically dived onto Pale Waves social media and checked them out. Instantly attracted by the 80’s pop yet very emo sound, I was hooked from the first listen. Front woman Heather Baron-Gracie sings with a beautiful yet almost haunting voice which just fits in perfectly with their gothic inspired image. I definitely think this is a band to be watching in 2018. If you are a fan of the The 1975, then I am 110% sure you’ll be a fan of up and coming Pale Waves.

Check Out Their Recent Music Video: New Year’s Eve

5 – Chvrches 

Pronounced ‘Churches’ is you’re having a little bother with the out of character ‘V’. Ah yesss, Chvrches have been around for a while and for a while they have been playing repeatedly on my music playlists. Scottish artists with a sound that is described as frosty electro-pop, what I absolutely love about Chvrches is how simply amazing the vocals from front woman Lauren Mayberry are. Just wow. To my delight the band have announced to play at TRNSMT festival in 2018 which means, quote; ‘a poppier and weirder’ album is coming our way and we can’t wait!

Check out this amazing cover from our fellow Scottish natives:


What’s On This December


Festive season is in full swing and we are soaking up every second of it with christmas night outs, traditional markets & embracing that below zero degree weather.

December is said to be the most wonderful time of year and arguably the busiest for most of us. Be it work, Christmas shopping or simply wrapping every aspect of your life up before those New Years bells… you still got to make some time for good ol’ festive fun this holiday.

Check out what’s on in your city:


13th – EmuBands Christmas party at The King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, we’ve seen unknown bands play here that have turned out to be the likes of Biffy Clyro… we can guarantee you this will be a great night!


14th – Old Hair Xmas Party at The Old Hairdressers, good vibes and good drinks.

16th – Christmas Drive in Movie at The Riverside Museum, just make sure you bring a blanket!

16th – Winter Feast End food at the BAaD, for all our foodies out there.

16th – The ID pop up store at the Lighthouse, coming together with Granny Would Be Proud to present Glasgow’s first Independent Pop-Up Department Store!

17th – Vintage Craft & Design Market at Hillhead Bookclub, for all our artsy readers this is a must.

17th – BAaD Glasgow Christmas Market, cause who doesn’t love a good traditional Christmas market.

21st – The Irn Bru Carnival, to unleash your inner child and ride on the waltzers until you puke. (Are ye even Glaswegian if you haven’t been?)


9th-14th –  Hidden Gems at Coburg House Art Studios, every Saturday & Sunday to view and buy some gorgeous contemporary jewellery.

9th – 19th – I’d Hate To Be An Indoor Plant at Hill Street Design House, we had the pleasure of viewing this gorgeous art exhibition by Alannah Cooper & Mairi Laird and we would highly recommend going for a visit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 18.59.43.png

16th – Out of the Blue Xmas Art Market, for a relaxed day of shopping direct from some of Scotland’s most talented artists and designers.

16th – Xmas Record Fair at The Wee Red Bar, for people with a fineeee taste in music.

16th – 17th – Indoor market at the Biscuit factory, live music, food and crafts? What more do you want.

Below the border: We may be based in Glasgow but we always say hell yeah to a little trip down South.


1st – January – Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, a total classic at this time of year… guaranteed to get you in the Christmas mood.


11th – Mariah Carey at the o2 London, heyyyy we won’t judge, All I Want For Christmas is the ultimate Xmas banger.


8th – 23rd – Christmas films at HOME, view some of the classics!

24th- 7th – Elf the Musical at Theatre in Salford, who doesn’t want to see buddy the elf singing and dancing live.


5th – 19th – Christmas at the Ark, fancy visiting some reindeer? of course.

Merry Christmas From us at 94