A Productive Pause


Here I am sitting waiting around for an hour and a half between two different appointments smack bang in the middle of my not so flowing day. There’s nothing more annoying than waiting around, which makes me think of all the years my mum used to drive me to my after school activities and literally wait around until I was finished…patience of a saint, something I don’t have. It is very easy to just sit around for the duration of the time we have between tasks, be it meetings, uni lectures or even our everyday commute. Trust me, we know it’s annoying, but what if we were to tell you, you could be productive? Doing some thinking, there are plenty of things to be done depending on the time and situation… get some of those chore like tasks done in this so called ‘pause time’ and free up more time for things you actually want to do… like go to the pub with your pals, shot three sambucas and automatically regret 3 minutes later? That sounds way better than doing the washing.

1 – Got more than an hour to spare? Shopping.

If you find yourself stuck in a pause that lasts longer than 1 hour, this is a great time to hit your weekly shop. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you’ll be gathering all the weekly needs while you’re already on the go. Another idea is to invite your friend along, do you have an old school friend you’ve been dying to catch up with? This is a perfect time to do it!

2 – In town and only have an hour? Gym.


Do you ever seem to find yourself hanging around town (a place full of gyms and fitness centres) and complaining about how you don’t have anytime to exercise.. Hello? 40 minutes is literally all you need to get a sweat on. Most gym chains have regular classes through out the day (with some HIIT classes only last 30 minutes) and it’s something that can so easily be slipped in between tasks.  Not really the gym type? That’s absolutely fine, there are plenty of streets outside… buy yourself some running shoes and go at your own pace. A little exercise is more productive than none.

3 – Commuting to work takes an hour on the train? Read.

Put down social media and finish that book you’ve been stopping and starting for the last month. I done exactly this on a train from Glasgow to London and it was so satisfying. Do you have a little side hustle that you work on besides your day job? Why don’t you use this time to read and clue yourself up on your passion or make a productive list on how you can develop further within your project. Another task – if you’re super organised, get ahead of your email inbox. I mean, may as well get it out the way while you’re sitting on an over crowded train heading into the city centre.

4 – Near home and have an hour or two? Clean.


Are you constantly complaining your precious home that you take so much pride in is always a mess cause you are constantly ran off your feet? Wrong, you do have time and this is the time to catch up on some cleaning, ironing, hoovering.. name the house task, you can do it.

5 – Tired? Sleep.

Listen to your body, you can’t be on the go 24/7 and if you had a late night and have a long day ahead nobody is going to judge you for snoozing during your commute or in-between tasks… We are only human and sleep is bloody important!

Do you find yourself thinking “yeahhhhh, I could try that”? Then great! Have a try at some of these suggestions and let us know how you get on. Do you have your own little routine that you get up to when waiting around? If so, share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you!


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