It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Creative Passion

Mo Woolven is a lady in her 50’s, a mother to her own four children, a step mother to three more children and is a grandmother of four grandchildren… I know right, she has a lot on her plate! Some say when you get to a certain age you should maybe start slowing down, settle and lead a calmer life, but Mo disagrees with this; “I think that we are never too old to establish ourselves, even when we feel the odds are stacked against us.” 

Mo is the founder and designer of fashion brand Raspberry Fields and we like her positive outlook on pursuing her own creative passion.

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So, where & when did Raspberry Fields Clothing begin?

I have always been a designer, I’ve always made clothing and costumes. I took the leap in 2014 and went to university to study a degree in ‘Costume for film and Production’, which I graduated from with distinction in 2016. I have made costumes for film and stage ever since graduating. In 2017, I decided that wanted to use my design skills to make a clothing line that expresses who I am, so I launched Raspberry Fields in the December of that year. We are based in Sussex currently, but will be relocating to Scotland this year.

What is Rapberry Fields staple? 

My staple is… Made to measure exclusive fashion that you will not find on the high street. We all like to express our individuality through our own personal style but, when we all dress from the same high street shops, this is hard to do so. I want to enable people to shop online for clothing and accessories that that make them feel unique and exclusive.

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What kind of person wears Raspberry Fields?

The kind of person that wears Raspberry Fields is adventurous, fashion conscious, has a stand out in a crowd personality. A Raspberry Fields wearer is a person who loves to make a statement with their dress sense. I like the attention I get from people when I wear my own brand. People like me who don’t want to blend with everyone else is a Raspberry Fields Customer. I want to make exclusive fashion affordable.

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Introduce the Raspberry Fields team?

The team is myself,the designer,maker and all other departments (a Jill of all trades we at 94 would say!). Trevor Woolven is our business support and Sheridan Croft is our trainee.

Choose 3 products you would like to feature within the article: I would like to feature 3 combo sets including the accessories dress and bag, Slouch pant set and bag, a new line of bags with famous art work digitally printed onto faux leather.

What are your goals for 2018?

My goals are to gain an audience and establish my business online with a recognizable brand and style influence. I want to continue to collaborate with people from the industry, meeting Dora (woo! Our gal Dora!) has been incredible, she is passionate about her profession and so am I. Working together opens up a whole new world of opportunity to us all.

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Any advice to anyone thinking of pursuing thier passion like you have with Raspberry Fields Clothing?

Don’t hesitate, take that leap of faith and turn it into your reality, if you don’t try you will never know if you have something the public believe in.

Mo leaves us on a positive and inspirational note…

“I’m amazed at the support I have had and the belief in me from all ages and walks of life. I still don’t know where Raspberry Fields will take me but I know that I will always be proud of myself for trying.

One life, live it to the full.”

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