5 Creative Side Hustles

It’s no secret that for most creative careers, when you do start out it’s going to be pretty tough. It’s hard enough to try and get your foot in the door of your dream career and it’s also a little discouraging to find out once you’ve finally clawed your way into the job that your starting salary is pretty sh*t.


We know, we’ve been there and we’re now writing an article to hopefully benefit all you freshly graduated creatives. Unfortunately in most situations you need to rough it a little until you can make the big salary that you deserve, but hey, that’s life sometimes and we’ll never shy away from a little hard work. Using those creative skills that you learnt at uni may be your answer to a little extra cash at the end of every month… and trust us, if you’re moving to one of the creative capitals like London, Paris or New York, any extra cash you have is worth having (rent prices are ridic!).

Giving up one or two evenings a week after your day job might seem like a horrible thought, but it might be worth it if it results in you having an extra £150 at the end of the month. Let us throw some ideas at you…

5 Creative Side Hustles

Graphic Design or illustration

Did you study either of these two subjects at uni? Or are you even self-taught? Speaking from experience, there are a lot of ad-hoc or regular freelance work going for these two particular skills. We would advise checking out Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and even writing your own advertisement on gumtree to start picking up some extra pennies for your pocket.

Journalism or Blogging

Journalist grad, active blogger or even keen writer! With these kind of skills you can pick up work for print and online platforms. We would advise looking around social media, PeoplePerHour and even contacting new start ups who may need their blog attended to! Reach out… the worst answer you can get is no and if that is the case then their loss!


Marketing – Social Media

Social Media. It’s a money making machine these days and a lot of small businesses may need a freshly graduated Marketing student to attend to their social media, online & email content. Again, research online! The main three websites we use are Freelancer, PeoplePerHour & Gumtree… But depending what country you are located in this may vary!

Depop or Etsy

Did you study fashion or have you been making your own jewellery since the age of nine years old? Well why don’t you start using that talent you have and sell your stuff on Depop or Etsy! Both very easy to use and mobile friendly, so get selling!


Know your way around a camera and also have access to one? Then why don’t you pick up some freelance photography work. There are always photography gigs for pets, babies, weddings shoots etc and if you don’t mind giving up one of your weekend nights, nightclub photography is always a shout and is usually regular work.

So what are you waiting for? Use those skills you have and get earning some extra money to spend on your next holiday or that real expensive jacket you’ve been eyeing up!




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