Wallows – Pictures of Girls


Four months ago, American band Wallows released their single ‘Pictures of Girls’ to a very unassuming fanbase, still in shock over the season finale of 13 Reasons Why. We mention this because you may recognise band member Dylan Minnette as the main character of the show ‘Clay Jensen’.

Casting prior fame aside, Wallows steal their way into your ears with melancholic guitar riffs and low vocals one can only relate to a British influence. More specifically, Pictures of Girls has notes reminiscent of the Mancunian band Joy Division, as Minnette’s vocals, alongside Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters, blend with a melodic guitar opening and are very apparent of style. That being said, Wallows pulls it off. Think of their music as a sunny but cloudy Los Angeles day captured sleepily through vintage film. No fancy frills or flares, just a group of boys making music they themselves want to listen to.


But why read a review when you can just listen?:

Their debut EP ‘Spring’ is out now on vinyl. Take a look on their Instagram and website at their merch and small US tour starting in August!





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