4 Different Amsterdam Experiences

I swear 2018 is the year of Amsterdam… I SWEAR everyone and their dog is going, me included. Well, I’ve already been actually. I went in February when it was extremely cold and in fact, it was so cold the weekend after, the canals had fully frozen over (wish I could of experienced that, damn!). But yeah, every time I log into social media it seems that one of my friends is exploring the quirky streets that the beautiful city of Amsterdam has to offer.

Me and my travel buddy visited for 4 days but we some how managed to do so much in such a short space of time. We stayed in a very central hostel named ‘Ecomama’ which was super efficient. The hostel in general was very clean and super cute, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is planning on visiting ‘The Dam’ anytime soon.

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What struck me the most about Amsterdam was how international it was and how the city itself had so many different sides to it. I feel when people think of Amsterdam they automatically think of window girls and the legal green stuff… which I guess is fair enough, there is a lot of that, but for the people that don’t find that side of things very appealing, don’t let it put you off visiting, because there is so much more to the gorgeous Dutch city of Amsterdam and the only way to find out is by going!

4 different Amsterdam experiences:

Drugs & Sex

Okay, let’s start with the obvious attraction that prostitution and weed is legal over here… embrace the experience! The Red Light District is a huge attraction full of sex shops, sex museums, sex shows and of course the famous window girls, which for some people also leads to more sex. It’s all pretty raunchy but hey, it’s an experience and something that you definitely wouldn’t get in the UK. I recall one night me and my friend getting high, grabbing a tonne of snacks and going to watch a sex show… it’s pretty standard watching two people go at it on stage while you’re battering into a packet of biscuits, only in Amsterdam. Another Red Light experience we had was visiting the Prostitution museum. This was super interesting because it was narrated by real window girls, telling real life stories about their job. It was a real eye opener and towards the end of the tour there was a confession box and a wall full of people’s raunchy secrets, which was just down right hilarious read. We also visited the sex and erotic museum but the prostitution museum was by far the most interesting… So yeah, when in Amsterdam!

History & Museums

There is lots of historic museums within the cultural city of Amsterdam, due to it playing a big part in the horrendous events of world war II. The main historical attraction that we visited was the Anne Frank House, and coming from a girl who’s grandfather fought in the war, I am extremely interested in the history of world war II and have so many questions… this is a MUST for any wannabe historian, remember to book your tickets in advance. The content within the museum is very powerful and mostly of first source, I found the full tour quite emotional and I even bought a book in the gift shop at the end (I never buy things from gift shops!)

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Art & Architecture

You don’t need to look far for fantastic Architecture in Amsterdam because you are literally surrounded by it wherever you go! I feel as if the ‘must do’ tourist thing in Amsterdam is to visit it’s iconic I AMSTERDAM sign (did you really go to Amsterdam if you didn’t get a picture with it?) Not gonna lie, the sign was overcrowded and you couldn’t get a decent picture, but like I said it’s just one of those things I feel you need to do! Another huge attraction is none other than the Van Gogh Museum… which we unfortunately didn’t visit but I’ve only ever heard good things and don’t doubt it’s worth a visit!

Fitness & Lifestyle

Sooo, if you’re the fitness type and you follow a lot of gym related accounts on Instagram, then you’re bound to have heard of famous Dutch Fitness Model, Sandra Prikker (and if not, go follow her @sandraprikker …you’re welcome, she’s a total babe!). If you can’t go a few days without working out then Fitness365 is worth visiting… This is Sandra’s home gym! If you’re not really the fitness type but still enjoy exercise, then you have to hire a bike; cheap transport, faster than walking and lets face it – riding a bike is so much fun!

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And there you have it, 4 completely different sides to the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

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