5 Reasons To Visit Ayrshire


Written By Thomas Neil

Okay I am a little biased but Ayrshire is one of the best places in the world and if you don’t believe me then check out this list of just five reasons to come visit Ayrshire.

  1. It’s beautiful, especially at this time of year. The other day I was coming back home across a rural back road and just thought how beautiful it was. But rural scenery aside, there’s plenty of beauty in Ayrshire from Beaches (Ayr, Troon, Turnberry, Dunure and Largs) to Country Parks (such as Dean Castle in Kilmarnock, Eglinton Country Park in Kilwinning and Rozelle Estate in Ayr) and lovely Hiking/nature trails (such as the Lang Scots Mile and the Ayrshire coastal Path in Ayr and The Smugglers Trail in Troon). So yeah it’s true that Ayrshire is rich in wildlife and scenery.
    Culzean Castle
    Image: National Trust for Scotland
  2. Ayrshire is a treasure trove of historic sites like castle (such as Culzean, Portencross, Dean Castle and Dundonald just to name a few) and other features of historic interest such as The Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine, The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayr and The Dick Institute in Kilmarnock.
    Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
    Image: Visit Scotland
  3. For entertainment we have a nice mix of attractions including three cinemas (in Kilmarnock, Ayr and Saltcoats), three bowling establishments (Also in Kilmarnock, Ayr and Saltcoats), at least two Go Karting Establishments (in Kilmarnock and Ayr), there’s even an escape room company based in Ayr. If that wasn’t enough you could attend the Races at Ayr Racecourse, visit Blackstone Clydesdales & Dig-a-Day Experience for a truly unique rural experience. And if that’s your jam then you can also check out the Heads Of Ayr Farm Park. All that and we haven’t even scratched the surface of the attractions and amenities that Ayrshire offers.

    7 Saints Bar and Burger Kitchen
  4. Food and nightlife are just one of many reasons to visit Ayrshire, for a start in the past few weeks we’ve had a 7 Saints, La Dragon and a Taco Bell opened up in Kilmarnock and Irvine respectively. Bringing a new infusions of tastes to the local palate. But even without all the new options Ayrshire has dozens of high quality eating establishments and bars for a truly excellent experience regardless of your tastes. If you like Chinese cuisine then check out New Royal Blossom Cantonese & Thai Cuisine in Irvine or Ruby Seven Days in Ayr. And if you like Indian food the check out The Indian Times in Ayr or Macs Spice Route Indian Restaurant in Kilmarnock. Now those are just a few options among hundreds just pick your preference and go because you’re sure to find a gem in Ayrshire.
  5. Lastly the people make Ayrshire, I’ve lived in Ayrshire almost my entire life and the thing I’ve noticed most is the people who are by and large friendly and welcoming.

So hopefully these 5 reasons are enough to get you to go visit Ayrshire.


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