Anna Sweeney: Game Face

We caught up with Glasgow based musician Anna Sweeney to find out the chat on her song writing process and brand new album: ‘Game Face’.
Age: 23
Based: Glasgow
Hey Anna! So let’s tell our readers when you decided you wanted to pursue a career within the ever so daunting music industry?
“I decided I wanted to pursue music at around the age of 15 years old. That was the age I started playing guitar and writing songs. I played piano and sang from a young age, but it took until I was 17 until I was confident enough to go out and perform my own material. “
Describe your sound to anyone who hasn’t heard it before?
“I would say a little like Taylor Swift, HAIM, or Imogen Heap.”
What inspires your songs? (Are you a total Taylor Swift singing about relationships or do you prefer to sing about other topics?)
“I’m a total Taylor Swift. I grew up on her music from my early teens… always been a huge fan! But, naturally I write from my heart. If you do me wrong, you get a song… It’s how I deal with relationships. Songwriting is cathartic!”
You self-produce your music, tell us a bit more about the process? How do you piece a song together?
“Ahhhh, this is completely different for every song! But, for a lot of them I can hear production in my head as soon as I write lyrics. I can hear what I want, and then go into my home studio and do my best to emulate that sound. Sometimes it’s trial and error! There’s about four different versions of one song off my album – ‘Wind and Fire”… But the album version is my favourite!”
So Anna, what’s the goals for the rest of 2018?
“I would love to get in the studio to pro-produce and really just keep creating more music! I want to play some festivals, tour, grow my fan base and of course I have released my debut album!”
We’re behind you Anna! Keep doing your thing girl! Check out Anna Sweeney’s debut album: GAME FACE
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Facebook: @annasweeney
Soundcloud: @annasweeney


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