Artist Introduction: PAIGE

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We discovered 20 year old singer/songwriter, Paige on Instagram. Sending us her debut single ‘Velvet Rose’ we were instantly intrigued by the talented artist and we were very lucky to meet up with her in London last month.

Discussing where her music journey began, we were very surprised to hear that she didn’t really start pursuing music until she left school:

“I always done drama and dance from a young age but I didn’t really start getting into music until I left school. I got together with my now guitarist and just absolutely loved making music, so I’ve been writing and trying to get my name out there ever since”

Paige admits her earliest music memory was singing a Les Mis song in her school production; “yeah, that really wasn’t my style haha”.

Her voice being the first instrument she started playing around with, Paige listened to different artists that inspired her to start making music:

“I started listening to unique artists like Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. I would do my own cover of their songs and the more and more I listened to these kind of artists the more I thought “yeah I want to start making my own songs” and it really just started from there.”

Listening to Paige’s debut song ‘Velvet Rose’ it’s clear that she has an incredible voice and style to match with it; “I definitely think my sound is very jazz/soulful… I guess I make pop music but not the mainstream pop that you find on the charts”

Making friends within the industry, Paige started writing songs with fellow artist Megan Lilly, who has featured on NinetyFour previously:

“I started writing with my friend Megan Lilly, she’s been teaching me a lot. When we go into the studio, we will usually start with a vocal sample that I will put down, we will have a kind of theme in mind and we’ll develop the song from there.”

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“This year I plan on writing with my guitarist, I always prefer to write with someone… I actually prefer writing the melody and coming up with the theme for the song rather than the actual lyrics… But definitely one of my goals for this year is to write a song by myself without any assistance from fellow artists!”

Asking Paige what really inspires her song writing she simply replies; “It really just depends on what’s going on in my life at that particular time, the way I’m feeling when I’m in the studio that day all adds up to the end result… I mean boys naturally do always end up in a lot of the songs.”

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More music coming from Paige in the next couple of months.


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