Beauty With A Purpose and All Things More Than


First of All, I’d like to give a massive thank you to Ninety Four Magazine for allowing me to write my very first blog not just ever but on their site! sure is a massive honour!

I’m an Arts Graduate living and working in Edinburgh having studied a Bachelor of the Arts in Three Dimensional Design with Honours at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. I’m also a Model, a Body Positivity Activist and most recently; a Miss Scotland Finalist in this years competition. Since my final year at Art School the theme of women and female empowerment have been at the helm of my inspiration. My Graduate collection based on women and the media was sold in London at the famous New Designers event in the heart of Islington, a massive achievement for myself and it was the big bang so to speak, that kicked off everything from there.


At the time everything was kicking off at New Designers in London I had a Special Secret on top of all the Graduate shows. I was to be a Finalist in Miss Scotland 2016. I won’t forget the morning of the 3rd of July 2016, I was in London, on the tube with my artwork all tightly packed up and ready to be delivered (by moi) to the collector in central London whilst back in bonnie Scotland I was in the news papers amongst 12 other talented young women having just been revealed as a finalist. I called my mum once I dropped off my work and gazed out on the Themes River, soaking in all the things that happened in that day. We all have days that are so significant to us in our lives; that day, to me, was one of them.


The Miss Scotland Competition was an adventure! I met so many wonderful people and was given the opportunity to go to some truly fantastic events. Although I didn’t win, the journey with myself and the 12 other finalists was a prize in itself!

I have been in the Miss Scotland Competition twice now. First time in 2016 and the second time this year. The finals are on the 15th of June and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for it!

Art and Modelling are two of my three main passions in my life, both I have carried on with since Graduating from University. The third passion of mine is my Health and Beauty Campaigning. Since April last year myself and fellow Model Morgan McTiernan set up an online Campaign based in Scotland aimed to breakdown Stereotypes, embrace everyone for who they are and show that we are all more than a first impression. Our name, I Am More Than. ( instagram : @iam_more_than ) We have been working as hard as we can to include as many talents as possible in our project. Singers, Models, Performers and even Doctors have all been included in our project. All with their own unique MORE THAN story. Since our Campaign launched last year Morgan and I have been in News Papers, Radio Broadcasts, events and most recently been signed to a Model Agency in London.


I strongly believe that with hard work comes rewards, and I aspire to inspire people with my story! health and beauty, self image, confidence and everything else is such a major factor to people online and in real life! My Mission is to ease the pressures that the media have on young impressionable minds and to reassure them that everything is okay and we should all embrace our qualities. Our I Am More Than Project is a campaign that I would love to see grow!


Our Campaign is all about embracing who we are and breaking down boundaries! if you have a MORE THAN story please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Instagram account! @iam_more_than 

to young girls everywhere, you are all more than, and you can be anything you want to be.


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