BeYou Period Patches


I’ll have to admit, I am sceptical about period pain relief having tried almost every remedy under the sun from light exercise to old wives tales. However, I was over the moon to receive the BeYou  period patches as a big change I am trying to make in 2019 is to use more natural products. SO, if you’re a ‘pop a paracetamol’ and ‘grin and bear it’ kinda gal when it comes to period pain (like me), I’m here to tell you that finally something out there works and it’s all natural. YAY. For me, they are a game changer and definitely an essential item. They came in a pack of 5 so I was able to use them for the 3 days my cramps were at their worst which meant I could study pain free and sleep pain free which, to be honest, was a life saver.

The two key ingredients, eucalyptus and menthol oils, are absorbed slowly by the skin. This helps ease the muscular tension that we feel as period cramps and allows you up to 12 hours of continuous relief. The only thing I disliked was that I can’t wrap my whole lower torso in it! Read the instructions on how to use below…



As it says above, I was pretty worried it would hurt to peel off but I found that if placed on the abdomen it didn’t hurt as much as the lower back/sides (I took those ones off in the shower!)

If you want to learn more about BeYou and their period patches you can visit their website HERE or check out their Instagram

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