But I Like Drinking My Drink With A Straw

…But I also like having polar ice caps and non-strangled turtles?

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Illustration by @ecowithem_

You must have been living under a rock if you are not clued up on the environmental crisis that we as a civilisation face as a whole. Yes. A whole, we are all responsible. In 2015 the Paris climate agreement was signed and every country was fully on board – Including the US. The clear goal was to keep the average temperature rise below 2°C, as if we were to rise above this temperature the consequence will be catastrophic. Although we have made some progress, in 2017 it was revealed that most countries are far behind this crucial target.

It’s now the start of 2019, and ultimately our goal by 2050 is to cut our emissions substantially by 80-95%.

Now, I don’t mean to be a pessimist or any form of negative Nancy, but we as a civilisation could not be any further away from being in the right mindset to take on this challenge. The future of our dying planet is literally in our hands and it’s sickening to think that a lot of people still claim they ‘don’t give a f*ck’.

It genuinely shocks me how many people I know, that have the attitude of ‘but why should I care?’… What? Are you too cool to care for the very earth we live on? Is this seriously another one of those “Omg you actually studied for that test? You’re such a loser.” scenarios from back in high school? Grow up.

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Illustration by @ecowithem_

“Nah sorry I’m stuck in my ways”.

Well that’s fine, if you’re stuck in your ways, well so is our rising temperatures… That holiday to Florida you’re saving up for with all the family? Don’t bother, Florida will be under water in no time if we don’t decide get un-stuck. It’s not what you want to hear, it’s harsh but it’s true. Global warming is VERY real and it’s also extremely scary despite what the oompa loompa of a president says.

I find that a lot of my friends seem to be overwhelmed by the long lists of ‘things we need to do to combat climate change’. Yes, the lists are blunt and it would be wonderful if we could all turn into vegan eating, electric driving and skype meeting people over night but the reality is we are going to have to take some time, work together and make a solid effort to save our precious environment.

Having your name written on a Starbucks coffee is so 2016, it’s all about #passonplastic drink containers now. When you rev that 6 litre engine of your financed car you can’t afford, you’re not impressing anyone. Investing in an outfit that you’ll wear multiple times will always look better than that £7 piece of material you ordered from PLT, and to the people who keep tabs on outfit repeating… Is there not some form of club or sports team you can join in your town? Slagging off people for choosing to follow a vegan diet is about as funny as our dying polar bears in Antartica. We are selfish, overly consuming and self-obsessed. I makes these points above because they are so trivial, yet they matter to us more than our plastic eating wildlife.

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Illustration by @ecowithem_

I personally think it’s a lot easier to adjust to our planets needs than people seem to think. As humans, we make changes and alterations to our lifestyles all the time. If you are making sacrifices in your own life to cater for something that is important, then why can’t you make the effort for the very earth that we live on. For example:

  • When you move out to go to university, you cut down on your spending to save money.
  • When you move in with your other half, you make adjustments because you need to make it work for both of you.
  • If you find out you have a food intolerance, you start eliminating that food from your diet as you want to be in good health.
  • You have a problem that needs solved, you stop denying it and you find the solution.

The point being made is that we as people make life alterations as we move through life, so we should be doing the exact same for the sake of the very air we breathe. If you can give up that, then why can’t you try being vegetarian twice a week? If you can make that change, then why can’t you start properly recycling your waste?

Our climates biggest threat is people relying on other people to make that change. So what big change have you made to your life in the passed year? If you can do that, you can start cleaning up your carbon footprint.

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