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My name is Amanda, I am a 23 year old Canadian/Jamaican living in Glasgow and I take photos of people. I first got into it in High School during a media class project. I was really into DSLRs and Photoshop during the beginnings of my journey but I knew something was missing. My art was too structured and edited so I bought a film camera on Craigslist. There is something emotional about photos taken on film. I feel they are more authentic to myself and the people I take photos of.

“I’ve always had a difficult time connecting with people on a real human to human level. A lot of people I meet have just lost their way from their true self.  Photography really helped me realize this. When we come together and express ourselves truthfully without judgement. That’s what matters. That is what society is missing. I see the turn out of my photos and I am always in awe of how you see who the person really is. I have met beautiful souls from this art form. I usually shoot friends because I already have that relationship where we are on the same vibe but I love to challenge my introverted self and message people on Instagram who I literally have never met before and just set up a shoot. It’s a really fun time we live in and I don’t think anything can beat just vibing with others through art.”



“I really enjoy making people feel comfortable enough to show me who they are in their raw form. I don’t believe in fancy shoots with tons of equipment and lighting so with me, there is really nothing involved except for the human, my film camera and the world as we know it. Society is really confusing and self identity is not an easy thing to pinpoint with a lot of people my age. But when I take photos of these amazing people, it’s like everything makes sense.”


If you are ever in Glasgow and would like to have a fun photoshoot get in contact with Amanda on instagram! It’s always nice to meet new people.

Checkout more work from Amanda:

Instagram: @7alien


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