Tips To Save Your Ass From Overspending

Whatever age you are and whatever amount of money you earn there is always something that you feel like you have to get… and how many times have you said to yourself: “Fuck it we only live once, I’m going to pay for this!”. Yes, too many, I know same here.


I am one of those people as well who said that above quoted sentence and I love to see my money hanging in my already full closet. I never say I have nothing to wear, I usually don’t know what to wear and I always still have something that I need and I can’t live without just to make that “I don’t know what to wear” harder.

So when I cleaned my closet I found so many clothes that I got, wore at least twice and never wore again. There are always clothes you will buy and not wear enough times and there will always be clothes you buy to update your wardrobe, which is fair enough. But you also want to be sensible, save money and get the most important things so you won’t have an overflowing wardrobe, but you will always have something to wear.


To prevent overspending, too much clothes (it’s never enough of them, but let’s admit there is always too much of them) and to focus on the most important pieces here is a list I used sometimes in 2017 but I will 100% stick to in 2018:

  1. Think what you need and only buy that. Make a list!

Need a new pair of black shoes? Get one for a fair price that won’t go damaged after 2 night outs and you can easily clean and wear with anything. Think about colours, fabrics and patterns that you can wear with more than one outfit. They are the most useful pieces of your wardrobe. Don’t buy something just for one outfit, everything in your wardrobe has to be functional and useful.


  1. Think about basics. List them again!

We all need black/white/striped/etc t-shirts, black/blue jeans and all this basic stuff. It’s not a bad thing focusing either only on these, or having these (for a fair price again) and adding some “extras” that will keep the basic interesting.


  1. Don’t spend too much on those “extras”

First of all I hate when people get outfits for one and one occasion only. I have ball gowns as well that I only wore twice at least, but I got them because I saw the possibility of remaking them to short dresses for any occasion. Smart isn’t it? But if you can’t do that, before you go to any occasions, look through your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to wear the same outfits again. Or be creative and wear something you would never wear but are two interesting pieces from your wardrobe. Experiment! It’s fashion, it’s creativity, it’s fun and this is how you save money.


  1. Sustainable fashion is a good thing. It’s unique.

So before you go for a clothes shopping obviously with your list of what do you need, check out second-hand and charity shops. Oh and vintage is a good idea as well, however I understand is you are not one of those people who are happy to wear old or used clothes. By the way in charity shops everything you can find is in a wearable conditions just for a cheaper price and you will definitely find things the previous owner forgot about and never wore. They only have one of everything so whatever you get, you won’t see it coming in front of you on the streets.


  1. Pay more for better quality once

Some people don’t like second-hand which is understandable, it’s not something everyone has to like. But if you have some money to spend and you are getting all the basic and the most useful stuff you need in your wardrobe to keep ready for any occasion, don’t worry about spending money on something a little more expensive. I know you can get a white t-shirt in some shops for £3, but that will last for exactly that long. When you get something think about how many times you will wear it and think how much it would per wear. That’s why you should spend more on basics and less on extras. Problem solved.


  1. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts! They save lives! And money.

Yes, some places offer discounts for students, people who work in the same building or there are seasonal offers on selected lines, or SALES! How much we love sales, don’t we? Just one thing about: just because it’s on sale and it’s beautiful and you can get it cheaper, if you don’t need it DON’T PAY FOR IT! It’s going to be useless or you will only wear it once and even if you got it for 30% off, it’s a huge price to pay for something useless. Imagine if you paid for a large pizza and you only got the box with only half a pizza in it! That won’t help your hanger, and it is not worth the price!

This is the mission impossible for some of us, isn’t it? Holding it back, getting exactly what we need and not everything we want. But on the long term it’s the best thing you can do for the perfect wardrobe that will always have something for you to wear and you will always be unique. Plus your bank card will love you for ever for not ruining that little chip on it before the expire date!


You are welcome! Good luck! Any more ideas? Let us #FirstWorldPeople know because there is never enough knowledge on how to spend money.

Thanks, Dora! we’ll be putting some of these tips into practice!

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Dóra’s Fashion Blog

RE DB 3-5

An introduction feature-

Age: 23

Education: Glasgow University – English


Based: Glasgow – Hungary

Occupation: Fashion Blogger/ Fashion



Look back on our previous articles and you might remember our favourite sustainable fashion blogger Dóra. Since 2018 should be the year of conscious good change, we figured you’d all want to know more about her efforts in promoting sustainable fashion through her blog ‘Dóra’s Fasion Blog’!

Upon meeting Dóra, it was clear that her personality was just as fun and bright as the amazing outfits she creates. She tells us that the reason for her starting her blog was to prove that you should be able to wear everything currently in your wardrobe more than once (I know, so shocking!). However, in our throwaway culture it is tremendously prevalent. She gracefully demonstrates how outfits are able to be reworked and styled in order to create a new look altogether, so she is definitely not an outfit repeater.




Dóra explains that fashion should be about expressing yourself creatively and being on trend isn’t always the way to do that. For example, have a look at this blog post of the amazing trousers Dora found on the second hand vintage app “Vinted”. Proof that you really can find real treasures that are vintage! Her blog is perfect for those wanting to save the extra penny here and there, and is a must read if you are a student!


Dora and DFS-27

Our favourite example Dóra spoke about was when she was looking for a dress for her graduation ball. While rummaging through H&M she stumbled upon a plain blue dress that many people shunned. With an open mind she bought and wore this dress to her graduation ball showing sustainable fashion is unique and cost effective.  It’s hard to believe that a beautiful fairy tale-esque gown, which can be seen below and on her blog post “Fantasy Photo Shoot – Cinderella”, was cast aside and ignored by so many. Once and for all proving that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


While running her blog she also works full time in clothing store and volunteers at Dress for Success Scotland. She explains that she does their social media and assists in planning their events as well as running a piece entitled Dóra’s Wardrobe, which is about smart clothing. She uses the clothes from the boutique for the photo shoots, and tries to encourage people to include colour in their outfits as dressing smart is not always about black and white.
 Have a read at our interview with Dóra below!

94: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a blog but was a bit nervous or sceptical about it? And what was your experience and feelings when you started your blog? 

D: I was extremely nervous when I started my blog, because I knew I was one more fashion blogger in a million, but I had a clear view of what I wanted and how I would change the fashion world if I could change it in the next 24 hours. I obviously got judgments and people didn’t take it seriously, but then I just started focusing on the positive feedback and started believing in my own ideas a bit more. I still listen to people’s feedback, but I always think it through and do it my way. It’s been working for a while so I just try and keep that in mind.

If I could give any advice to someone starting any blogs I would say: Have a clear view and idea on WHY you are starting your blog, because then every post will reflect it and people will see why it is different from everyone else’s blogs. That’s what I like when I see blogs, when I can see why they are doing it, even if they don’t have an idea of where they want to go with it.

94: What are your favourite high street shops?

D: I am a huge fan of H&M. I also shop quite a lot in Superdry, Mango and Zara.

94: Who are your favourite designers?

D: Victoria Beckham is my Queen. I love her elegance, simple style but always sexy, sassy and colourful. If I could dress like a princess I would always go for Giambattista Valli. I also love Dora Abodi, a Hungarian designer with an amazing eye and outstanding style. It’s so different I love it, I think the next designer thing I will buy for myself is going to be something from her.


94: What is your staple look?

D: Purple Wide leg trousers, a light knitted striped t-shirt and my Adidas Nizza trainers. If it’s cold probably a leather biker jacket. For winter I would go for a puffer jacket and sailor cap. I own all these clothes, maybe this is what I should wear for my next outfit post!

94: What is your favourite accessory?

D: My Pandora bracelet, DKNY watch, aaaand that’s it. I love statement necklaces, but these two I always wear these two things.

94: What inspires the clothes that you’ve made yourself?

D: Usually colours, people’s outfits in series I watch and photographs from magazines from vintage magazines to brand new ones. I also like nature and reading. It helps my imagination and creativity so it comes from that too a bit.

94: Any favourite vintage clothes?

D: My mum’s pleated skirt. If I wash it I have to put it in a sock to dry to keep the pleats. It’s not like the new ones from latest trends that you can wash and dry and that’s it. It needs special care. I also love my oversized denim jacket from a vintage shop.

94: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

D: Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and my sister.

94: Do you Share clothes with anyone in your family? 

D: Yes I wear my mum’s vintage clothes that are my size and her newest ones which area size bigger, but I like the oversized look. I also swap and share stuff with my sister when we can.


94: What colours do you think will dominate this winter?

D: I say teal, bright pink and navy. I think my outfits on the blog will reflect this throughout the winter season. I don’t usually shop for winter, I like to wear my summer clothes with winter styling, so you’ll see a lot of that too.


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Instagram: dorasfashionblog

Facebook: dorasfashionblog

Online Blog: Dóra’s Fashion Blog

NYE Glow Up


olivia NYE 4


So this is my NYE look! It’s glamorous but still sophisticated with a pop of glitter running through the crease of the eyelid.

olivia NYE 5

I love getting the chance to dress up and glow up, whilst still keeping it classy. I think this look gives you that perfect balance. I hope this is something everyone can create easily so they can bring in the new year in style!

olivia NYE


Products used:

Bobbi Brown vitamin face base
olivia NYE 1Too faced Born this Way foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
No7 Translucent Perfect Light Loose Powder
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow
Doll Light Highlighter “Like a Diamond”
Morphe Copper Spice 25A palette (eyes and brows)
Urban Decay Cosmetics, Midnight Cowboy Glitter Liner
L’Oréal Brow artist
Mac Stripdown Lip Pencil
Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick
Maybelline the Falsies Mascara
Mac Fix Plus

Doll Beauty lashes in Stephanie


Send us your NYE looks via instagram: @ninetyfourmag and we hope you have an amazing time bringing in the New Year with your fabulous look! Happy 2018!

olivia NYE 2 For more beautiful makeup looks follow Olivia on:

Instagram – @oliviammakeup_

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It would appear that most people have those intentions at the start of the new year to be a better & fitter version of the person they were in the previous year… And if you don’t then well at least you’re honest.

To all our lovely lady readers (& lads who have a girlfriend, sister, mother, friend etc etc hint hint) we are kick starting your 2018 fitness goals by teaming up with women’s fitness brand GYMGRL to give you the chance to win yourself the Midnight Sports Bra.


Nothing says motivation more than some new flashy gym wear. All products are designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom to give the products the highest of quality.



You can enter the GYMGRL giveaway via facebook OR instagram…



You must do all three instructions for either facebook OR Instagram – if you do both you’re name will be entered twice.


The winner will be picked at random and announced via our social media on the 1st of January 2018.



Check out GYMGRL:

Etsy – GYMGRLwear

Facebook – @gymgrlwear

Instagram – @gymgrlwear


I’m Dreaming of an Effortless & Chic Christmas Look

At this time of the year everyone is so busy and may not have the time or skill to give themselves a “full glam” look. So I wanted to create something really simple but effective, that’s easy for everyone to create.

christmas make up

This look focuses on achieving really flawless, fresh looking skin, simple eyes and a bold lip.

I do love full glam looks, but for everyday I’m all for “natural beauty” and I believe people should learn to work with what they have instead of hiding behind layers upon layers of makeup on a daily basis. I’ve recently had a lash lift at LUX which is essentially a perm for your lashes and it’s really boosted my confidence when I don’t have my lashes on. So that’s a small thing I would recommend others to try out if they aren’t confident when not wearing lashes, and even if you are, it would give your lashes thy extra boost!

christmas make up 4

Products used:

Bobbi Brown vitamin face base
Too Faced Born This Way foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
No7 Translucent Perfect Light Loose Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Kiko Baked Fusion Powder no.6
Doll Light Highlighter “Like a Diamond”
Mac neutrals Palette (eyes and brows)
L’Oréal Brow artist
Mac Cherry Liner
Mac Relentlessly Red Lipstick
Maybelline the falsies mascara
Mac Fix Plus
Anastasia Glow Kit

Want more make up inspiration from Olivia? Follow her on social media:
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christmas make up 1christmas make up 2

Dóra X NinetyFour


We are very excited to announce that we are teaming up with Glasgow based fashion blogger Dóra’s to bring you some fresh fashion related posts. What caught our eye about Dóra’s blog is that she has a focus on sustainability and how an outfit can be worn more than once in many funky different ways. With her own creative twist to her outfits using her embroidery and sewing skills, we love catching up on her posts for some serious (cost friendly) fashion inspo… Meet Dóra:

Hey Lovely Readers! 

This is the blog where you will find inspirational outfits, hand-embroidered clothes, vintage and second-hand clothes but most importantly: many different people with many different styles. You are welcome to join us!


My aim with my blog is to encourage people to show how they wear the same clothes in different ways. Fashion is about creativity, you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish or fashionable. We were all born with style and it is okay if you don’t know what your styles is yet, because you can try many things, but always be creative and enjoy all the options you have. High-street shops offer many things, but have you been to a vintage shop? You can find real treasures there or in charity shops! Remember fashion does not always have to be full price!

I own loads of clothes. Some of them are from my mum’s wardrobe from when she was 20-25, so the same age as me now. I love her clothes because they are coming back to fashion and she has such a good style! I like to wear my clothes in different ways, because this what makes me feel more comfortable and better about shopping. Enjoy looking at the same trousers and tops over and over again on my blog!


I know sometimes it might be boring looking at the same person who wears the same type of outfits. I like to play with my clothes but I also admire people with different styles. I know a little bit about photography so I take photos of girls and boys who love to dress up but they don’t know how much they could actually inspire people if they had a blog. So here I am to do this for them. I also love traditional clothes and teaching something new in every post about fashion. For me fashion is not just about clothes, style and posing. It has a history, something that has been keeping it alive for so long. I own at least 50 fashion books and Netflix will send me an email soon that I have watched the same fashion documentaries too many times and I should get a life. In all seriousness I love fashion for every bit of it.

I learnt from my Grandma and my Mother how to do embroidery. I started learning to sew as well and I will show some of my outfits that I made myself. I once made a pair of embroidered jeans and even Sew Confident posted about it because they were impressed! I love how much people like what I can make and I love when I hear the positive feedback about people enjoying reading my blog and looking at my pictures!

I am happy to inspire people, because I enjoy doing what I love and still making others happy!

Thank you for being here,



Check out this lovely lady’s work:



Sustainable Fashion By Studio Five

Spending the minimum to wear an outfit a couple of times VS spending a little more to wear an outfit for many times to come? I will fully admit I am a consumer of fast fashion… sometimes it’s just too easy to order online and have it with you in 24 hours for a very student friendly price, but at the same time spending £30 on an outfit that you will only wear twice before it falls apart maybe isn’t that great a saving after all… I mean clothes are made to be worn more than once right? Not only can it be a false saving at times, fast fashion is also not too kind to our ever so precious environment and this is an issue that inspired sisters Lucy & Kitty Pressland to create not only an affordable clothing brand, but also a sustainable one with clothes that can be styled more than once.


Studio Five is a fashion and textiles brand based in Edinburgh that prides itself on unique, stylish and sustainable fashion and interior products. Founded in October 2016, Studio Five want to build a brand that expresses their creativity freely and contributes to the slow fashion movement that they are both so passionate about.


Both sisters graduated in 2016 with honour degrees in Fashion and Textiles from Heriot Watt and Robert Gordon University. During their studies they became very interested in environmental issues in the textiles industry and started researching ways of changing people’s perspectives on sustainable fashion.

The brands inspiration is drawn from the natural world and their line combines illustration, photography and painting to form a collection of genderless, organic cotton tees as well as hand made organic cotton cushions, makeup bags, stickers badges and postcards. Their street-style t-shirts are fun, bold and above all: affordable. They believe everyone should experience the benefits of sustainability and hope to make sustainable fashion more inclusive by making their products reasonably priced.


Within the first year of business the brand has taken part in several events that celebrate sustainability, ethics and diversity in fashion, such as ‘Fashion Revolution Week’ hosted by Colour Elements and ‘fashionABLE’ hosted by LocalMotive Markets. Studio Five has loved becoming a part of the ethical fashion industry through these events, as they allow new and established members of the industry to come together and talk, learn and celebrate ethical fashion.


The sisters released their 2nd collection ‘Wilderness’ in September 2017. They were able to expand on their product range and explore new options as they successfully ran a crowd funding campaign for this collection through Indiegogo. This collection uses autumnal colours and explores the wildlife you would find up in the mountains. They have also released a collaboration collection with knitwear designer Joanna O’Brien who is a graduate resident at Grey’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Studio Five collaborated to create a limited edition collection of knitted scarves made from 100% Scottish Lamb’s wool and produced in Aberdeen. Each scarf is completely unique and perfect for the cold months ahead.


Currently their products can be found on their website and at The Scottish Design Exchange in Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh. They have several markets coming up on the build up to Christmas including the I.D Pop-up Store at the Lighthouse, Glasgow that hopes to be an amazing couple of weekends. Studio Five’s next step is to create a ‘custom’ page on their website where customers can choose any of their prints to be digitally printed and made into jumpers, t-shirts or scarves.

Studio Five aims for all their products to be 100% sustainable and hopes to grow to be a brand that people recognise for their unique designs, great quality and hand made products.

Home grown fashion with a purpose, we love it!

Catch the girls in Glasgow & Edinburgh:

-December 2-3rd and December 16-17th; The I.D Pop-up Store at The Lighthouse, Glasgow

-December 10th; The Flea and Food Market, Edinburgh

Check out more from Studio 5:


Instagram: @studio_five_uk


Photography Credit:

Photography by; Ryan Kay and Katherine Harris

Knitted Scarves; Joanna O’Brien

Models; Robyn Spence, Holly Wheelaghan Duff, Jordon Turner and Ellie Turner

Jewellery; Ruth Lesley

Styled by; Studio Five