Caterina – The Jill of All Trades


Meet 27 years old Italian photographer/make up artist Caterina Romano. The Jill of all trades we would call her being able to jump from make up artistry, to photography and to photoshoot styling, you go girl! Caterina moved over to the U.K after graduating from her native country of Italy, at the Istituto Italiano id Fotografia in Milan. Settling in the small city of Dundee in the East coast of Scotland we couldn’t help but ask her what the major difference was between fashion and make up between us brits and Italians:

“People in the U.K are more free to express who they are without thinking about others judgement. In Italy I would say we are more conscious, so people are always scared to express their own personality. I have noticed that people here go heavy on the foundation though, make up is a lot more natural in Italy.” 

We can agree with that statement, crazy fashion is fun and maybe some of us do need to go get our shade of foundation re-checked again… We know we were guilty of this when we were teenagers!

We went on to ask Caterina about her work and what really inspires her to pursue her passion.


When did you first notice your creativity and that you wanted to pursue a career within the creative industries?:

“I have always been attracted by the world of beauty, make up & fashion. So I decided to  attend art high school in my home town and there I learned that art was my real passion, my soul is art itself. I’m a very creative and moody person and I think this defines me as an artist. I think I like what my eyes see and my eyes see most art as beautiful.”

What inspired you to become a make up artist?:

“When I first studied photography I understood that behind a single picture there is an entire world of creativity. You can create what you have in your mind and I decided to self-teach myself make up artistry (or at least try) to produce the exact image in my mind.”


How would you describe your style?:

“As an artist, I would describe myself as artistic with that creative beauty touch.”

Where do you find your inspiration for your work and make up looks?:

“My favourite photographer and biggest inspiration is David La Chapelle. I think his extreme way to create an image is what I like most, it’s not ordinary but extraordinary.”

Do you have a design process?:

“I usually create the image in my mind, then I start to look for all the objects, decoration, make up that I need… Don’t really do anything before the actual photoshoot. I like to improvise and always challenge myself.  So far, it has always worked ahaha!”

Which celebrities make up would you most love to do?:

“Well I think I would love to shoot and maybe try to do the make up for any of the characters that Tim Burton creates… especially if it is for Johnny Depp’s face (ahahah)”

What or who is your biggest inspiration for all your work?:

“Probably my mum and dad. They love my artwork, they always let me travel around the world because they think this is the only way to keep an open mind. They are quite artistic too… my dad is a fantastic writer and travel blogger, my mom is a fantastic travel photographer – what a team!”

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about make up if any?:

“I think that people still think that the more is better…but in make up I think it’s quality over quantity, if you have nice skin then why cover it? You still have to be able to recognise yourself when you remove it!”


Do you think make up is dependent on the season or the holiday?:

“Yes make up is, but depends of the person also, personally, I love burgundy lipstick even during a summer night in Italy!! But of course red and glitter for Christmas is a must!”

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of pursuing a career as a make up artist or other jobs in the creative industries?:

“hmm STUDY PLASTIC SURGERY INSTEAD?? ahaha no just joking.. I think it is a very hard world but never give up because if makes you happy then you can’t go wrong!”

Check out more work from Caterina on Behance: romanocaterina


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