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In the spirit of all things creative, about a month ago we caught up with Christy Carson, a textile designer from the west coast of Scotland. Having studied at Glasgow Clyde College, she is now finishing off her degree at Heriot-Watt Galashiels we wanted to know all about her new pieces and the future of CC LOOM from Christy herself…


“It’s about time I tell you all about me, my story and how I got from A to B to CC LOOM ~

PART A – It all began in 2015. Undecided where I wanted to go in life but always knowing I loved art, I went on a trip to Dumfries House. Here I learnt what Textiles really was, leaving each day with a new skill – either sewing, embroidery, cushion making – the list goes on… Then one trip I learnt the art of weaving. I instantly fell in love & was truly intrigued by the traditional craft and what I could make!

PART B – I was leaving school so the degree search began. From Dumfries House I heard about Glasgow Clyde College. I was shocked at the courses and opportunities they offered, which led to me starting the BA Textiles course.

PART C – CC LOOM – 2 years down the line, here I am! HND complete, knowing my direction in life and fulfilling my creative dreams! Onwards and upwards to bigger and better things!”


Tell us about CC LOOM, what kind of products do you create?

I create and sell bespoke local handmade decorative woven pieces to suit your style and home. Great for gifts or even just to keep for yourself. Each custom weave is planned to suit the theme/client. Factors affecting a piece is down to scale, colour pallet and strength of texture. Each weave is different and tells us different story.

Do you have a set creative process for when you are working on a commission?

When working on a commissioned piece I like to have an in depth discussion with the client to gauge a real feel for what exactly the client wants, for example colour/tones they want to use, how abstract they want it to be, how big the piece is and finally the finishing – either on dowels (wooden or metal) or framed!  The main factor in the design process is the area the piece is going to live in. A piece designed for a dinning room may be very different to a piece made for a bedroom, this will change the size and colour but mainly the type of yarns used. Quality of fibres affects a piece more than people think. A rug needs to be durable and has restraints, however a wall hanging can be as wild and free as the client wants.


Looking at your work, we get a very traditional Scottish vibe from it, what inspires your designs?

My home village has always had a massive influence on my pieces. Growing up in a small sailing village has inspired me massively, especially in colour pallet and texture. I’m always around the beach and out on the open water on my boat. My style is just like the oceans. Sometimes calm and controlled, others; wild and exploding with colour and texture. I enjoy using tones of blue & yellows -normally mustard- I have always felt that from a young age I was painting blue seascapes contrasting against a sandy golden beach.

What inspired you to turn your passion into a business?

I live by the quote, ‘ The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling’. The drive to be able to do your passion every day and be able to make a living from it. The no.1 goal is to love your job, but for it to be my passion as well makes me feel extremely lucky. Not many people ever get that opportunity.


Where can we buy your work?

Currently my work is starting to be sold on Etsy or custom ordered by contacting me through email or social media. I am in the process of trying to get my own official website up and running!

Do you have any advice for all the textile students out there?

Never give up! Do you! Don’t let anyone try to change your style. Good things come with time and patience. At the start it might be overwhelming and daunting but it will be so rewarding in the end.

Find CC LOOM here:

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