CLIQUE – ‘A Combination of Gossip Girl and Skins’


As soon as someone said ‘a combination of gossip girl and skins’ my laptop was open with BBC iPlayer ready to be used and abused until I was up to date.

With it’s second season just finishing up, it’s still staying true to it’s gripping story line and mysterious characters (with an even better soundtrack than last year).

It’s not often that we get a good Scottish TV show, never mind one aimed at young adults. It’s also great to see some talented and young Scottish actors contributing to this fantastic series. The story circulates Edinburgh University fresher, Holly, played by Svonne Keilm (born and raised in Glasgow just like yours truly xo) and her best friend Georgia as they both get caught up with an elitist group of girls studying a few years above them. They all have internships with a big banking company and although life looks pretty bougie for them all, there’s a lot of shady shit going on. You’ve got good music, good fashion, sex, drugs and – well, techno rather than rock’n’roll- with a little bit of murder on the side. Oh, and serious eye candy for all!

The director, Jess Brittain, is also Scottish and was a writer for popular TV Series ‘Skins’ which I’m sure you’ll be familiar with. So, if you were obsessed with ‘Skins’ then you’ll get on very well with Clique.

The second season tackles ‘harder-to-swallow’ topics, concentrating on rape and false accusations. It makes you really think about your stance and your morals in certain situations, which I always find amusing. It delves into politics and suicide and has you hating and loving every character, unsure who you should really be siding with.

I honestly have no complaints for the series except that it has reminded me how BLOODY horrendous it is waiting a week for the next episode to come out (I am far too used to this Netflix generation) however it did have me looking forward to getting cosy on a Saturday night after work with a cup of tea, ready to have my mind blown allll over again.

With that being my only complaint (and not a very fair one to be honest) I advise that you get watching while both seasons are available on iPlayer.

Enjoy bingeing xo

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