Digital Dash – Ogun



Where should I begin
On this journey that has led me since?
I’m horizontal and unhinged, awaiting the morn
Fearing the sun; full of scorn
I find calamity at the end so we’ll start there
In the full honesty of all that has been my downfall

Metaspace I’ve experienced. Soaring silver suit through
Every electric connection; feigning emotions of affection
Expressed in a sentiment, to which I might relate
Seeking the application of apps to help adapt to depression
They cleverly create my detriment, yet fabricate peace;
They severely sever my sentient, with that delicate grief.

A presentation of the situation:
Imagine a scene
Set in the midst of my people, music,
Black joy, lust and long
Black joy, lust and long and lost in the room
A scene that lets you for once truly feel,
Break down those insecurities
Of diasporan-identity-question
To belong to what is truly yours,
Since may two thousand and nought
Brought by the woes of warriors before
Dark enough to shine through
Until the purgatory outside shines through
I need to enjoy it. I need to love it.
First I must capture it. First I must share it.
I cannot live it. I can only relive it.

Soon after, nostalgia sets in my pores
The sweat of the night before
That eluded me, I must find it.
But before I seek it,
Before I rise and wash my face,
I gotta check it
I gotta check in
I gotta keep up
I gotta pin drop

Find the motive, can’t miss out
Meet up to roll it, can’t pass up
The future can wait till tomorrow
Today I gotta level up

Tonight, I’ll update my status
And find a new love
For now I’ll stalk
And fail to move on

Pass through another week
Only closer to one piece
Only closer to Saga
Only closer to Netflix

Random-posting, twitter-reading,
Same-story-checking, same-playlist-listening
Experience it.

Metaspace captures me
If I could I would inject it,
let it take seed, let it takeover.
If I could I would reject it,
Instead I let it, tease at me
Promising digital euphoria,
You n-need it; gotta, gotta get it
Damned to being an addict
Metaspace experience it

My sight is still lopsided from horizontal surfing,
head full of turbulence and turmoil takes precedence
Setting the pace for each day,
like before you wake
gotta get that hit and metaspace experience it.

Step out, each step feels clean,
I feel the air breathe and rub my hair
and stroke my chin to lean in and it whispers to me intensely
No meaning in being offline
When reality is just savagery
No beauty in that calamity,
I have eternity trapped in my jeans,
And it catches my existence
like a deer in headlights
like everytime the light shines I shut down
Distracted, consumed, personhood fused
Destroyed, captured, user used
Pocket personality overtaking the mind and spirit

Then I gotta say too much for the sake of saying
Conversate someway, share thoughts with no thought
What I mean becomes what I meant
Cannot run or backtrack on metaspace receipts
Cannot unlike or unlove,
fellow addicts already seen the notif
Then I gotta hide and deny then reject,
like I said,
deny then reject,
thought I said
and on days like this,
I don’t feel at peace, I might coin the phrase
         ‘homeboy, these problems got me strange’

Yeah Metaspace I’ve experienced it
Before knowing I was lost, I was caught
Had the world but gave it up
Metaspace promising the empyrean
I forget to pray, phone away for a minute or day
And the world has changed
Sell Heaven to purchase society
A biological necessity enslaving me,
uncaring of my wellbeing
Not well wishing, but would bewitch me
‘Till I surrender all aspirations and wishes
Metaspace – experience it.


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