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Age: 23

Education: Glasgow University – English


Based: Glasgow – Hungary

Occupation: Fashion Blogger/ Fashion



Look back on our previous articles and you might remember our favourite sustainable fashion blogger Dóra. Since 2018 should be the year of conscious good change, we figured you’d all want to know more about her efforts in promoting sustainable fashion through her blog ‘Dóra’s Fasion Blog’!

Upon meeting Dóra, it was clear that her personality was just as fun and bright as the amazing outfits she creates. She tells us that the reason for her starting her blog was to prove that you should be able to wear everything currently in your wardrobe more than once (I know, so shocking!). However, in our throwaway culture it is tremendously prevalent. She gracefully demonstrates how outfits are able to be reworked and styled in order to create a new look altogether, so she is definitely not an outfit repeater.

Dóra explains that fashion should be about expressing yourself creatively and being on trend isn’t always the way to do that. For example, have a look at this blog post of the amazing trousers Dora found on the second hand vintage app “Vinted”. Proof that you really can find real treasures that are vintage! Her blog is perfect for those wanting to save the extra penny here and there, and is a must read if you are a student!

Our favourite example Dóra spoke about was when she was looking for a dress for her graduation ball. While rummaging through H&M she stumbled upon a plain blue dress that many people shunned. With an open mind she bought and wore this dress to her graduation ball showing sustainable fashion is unique and cost effective.  It’s hard to believe that a beautiful fairy tale-esque gown, which can be seen below and on her blog post “Fantasy Photo Shoot – Cinderella”, was cast aside and ignored by so many. Once and for all proving that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

While running her blog she also works full time in clothing store and volunteers at Dress for Success Scotland. She explains that she does their social media and assists in planning their events as well as running a piece entitled Dóra’s Wardrobe, which is about smart clothing. She uses the clothes from the boutique for the photo shoots, and tries to encourage people to include colour in their outfits as dressing smart is not always about black and white.
 Have a read at our interview with Dóra below!

94: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a blog but was a bit nervous or sceptical about it? And what was your experience and feelings when you started your blog? 

D: I was extremely nervous when I started my blog, because I knew I was one more fashion blogger in a million, but I had a clear view of what I wanted and how I would change the fashion world if I could change it in the next 24 hours. I obviously got judgments and people didn’t take it seriously, but then I just started focusing on the positive feedback and started believing in my own ideas a bit more. I still listen to people’s feedback, but I always think it through and do it my way. It’s been working for a while so I just try and keep that in mind.

If I could give any advice to someone starting any blogs I would say: Have a clear view and idea on WHY you are starting your blog, because then every post will reflect it and people will see why it is different from everyone else’s blogs. That’s what I like when I see blogs, when I can see why they are doing it, even if they don’t have an idea of where they want to go with it.

94: What are your favourite high street shops?

D: I am a huge fan of H&M. I also shop quite a lot in Superdry, Mango and Zara.

94: Who are your favourite designers?

D: Victoria Beckham is my Queen. I love her elegance, simple style but always sexy, sassy and colourful. If I could dress like a princess I would always go for Giambattista Valli. I also love Dora Abodi, a Hungarian designer with an amazing eye and outstanding style. It’s so different I love it, I think the next designer thing I will buy for myself is going to be something from her.


94: What is your staple look?

D: Purple Wide leg trousers, a light knitted striped t-shirt and my Adidas Nizza trainers. If it’s cold probably a leather biker jacket. For winter I would go for a puffer jacket and sailor cap. I own all these clothes, maybe this is what I should wear for my next outfit post!

94: What is your favourite accessory?

D: My Pandora bracelet, DKNY watch, aaaand that’s it. I love statement necklaces, but these two I always wear these two things.

94: What inspires the clothes that you’ve made yourself?

D: Usually colours, people’s outfits in series I watch and photographs from magazines from vintage magazines to brand new ones. I also like nature and reading. It helps my imagination and creativity so it comes from that too a bit.

94: Any favourite vintage clothes?

D: My mum’s pleated skirt. If I wash it I have to put it in a sock to dry to keep the pleats. It’s not like the new ones from latest trends that you can wash and dry and that’s it. It needs special care. I also love my oversized denim jacket from a vintage shop.

94: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

D: Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and my sister.

94: Do you Share clothes with anyone in your family? 

D: Yes I wear my mum’s vintage clothes that are my size and her newest ones which area size bigger, but I like the oversized look. I also swap and share stuff with my sister when we can.

94: What colours do you think will dominate this winter?

D: I say teal, bright pink and navy. I think my outfits on the blog will reflect this throughout the winter season. I don’t usually shop for winter, I like to wear my summer clothes with winter styling, so you’ll see a lot of that too.

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