FIFA World Cup 2018 – Player Illustrations

Glasgow based graphic designer Neil Brown has treated us all to these incredible player illustrations in case anyone was feeling post World Cup blues (is that a thing?)
Scroll down to see the illustrations as well as some questions we asked Neil…
Neymar – Brazil
Andres Iniesta – Spain

94: Where and what did you study?

NB: “I studied Visual Communication at Ayr College before studying Digital Art & Design at UWS in Ayr. I also spent a semester studying abroad in Stuttgart, Germany at hoschule der medien.”

Harry Kane – England
Thomas Muller – Germany

94: Your series of illustrations was inspired by this year’s world cup, why did you choose those specific players and this event?

NB: “I choose the players I thought would make an impact during the course of the competition and chose to illustrate this event because of how popular it is world wide. I am also a big fan of football myself, so I thought it would be a fun brief to keep my creative juices flowing.”
Kylian Mpbappe – France
Lionel Messi – Argentina
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal

For more illustrations and creative designs, find Neil on Instagram – @naebother

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