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Growing up I was huge on my punk rock music and like a lot of teenagers who went through that notorious ’emo phase’ I absolutely adored Paramore’s front woman Hayley Williams. I remember going to see them live and being in absolute awe at finally getting to see one of my favourite bands live… “like wow they’re actually real!”

Long gone are my emo-fangirl days and naturally my music taste has changed. Scrolling through a recent playlist I made on Spotify one fine Tuesday morning, I was struck by one obvious fact about the bands that I am currently listening to… and that fact is majority of them have woman lead singers.

Thinking back to my early teenage years the only band I can remember listening to often  that had a woman lead was in fact Paramore, I guess in the particular genre of music I was listening to it was just more common to have male front man. Flashing forward to my December 2017 playlists that would say the complete opposite and what can I say other than the front woman of today and killing it.

Actively on Spotify everyday looking for new artists, I have taken my top five front woman bands that you NEED to get familiar with in 2018 because the way these bands are going you’re going to hear about them anyway…


1 – Marmozets

With the lead vocals of Becca Macintyre at hand, Marmozets produce an energising rebellious rock vibe that I am completely obsessed with. Their song ‘Play’ caught my attention back in August and I soon worked my way through their debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ – the only way I can describe this album is it makes me want to start rioting… but in a good way y’know? Guitar led and attention grabbing vocals to accompany strong lyrics, Marmozets are definitely a go to for any rock music fan.

Check Out their recent release: ‘Major System Error’


2 – Anteros 

The first thing that actually attracted me to Anteros was their unusually funky artwork for their singles. My theory was if I liked what I seen, surely I would like what I hear? My theory was correct. The artwork for their music accurately represents their sound that is described as ‘bitter dream pop’. Lead vocalist from Laura Hayden grew up in the beautiful city of Barcelona – which would explain the Spanish lyrics sneaking into their banger of a tune ‘Drunk’. Anteros have a very vintage yet up to date sound that pretty much just makes me want to dance even if I am sitting at my work desk on a Monday morning – job done lads, pop up to Glasgow anytime!

Check Out Their Recent Release: Love

3 – Wolf Alice

Admittedly, I had actually heard of Wolf Alice for a while before actually getting around to listening to them. Commuting to work one morning, good ol’ Nick Grimshaw played catchy tune ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ and straight after that I checked out their most recent album ‘Visions Of A Life’ . Vocals of lead singer Ellie Rowsell add to a similar rebellious vibe of the Marmozets but with a more 90’s indie rock twist, Wolf Alice are a must for any grunge lover.

Check out their music video for ‘Beautifully Unconventional’


4 – Pale Waves

When Matty Healy of The 1975 posted a short clip of song ‘Television Romance’ on his instagram I automatically dived onto Pale Waves social media and checked them out. Instantly attracted by the 80’s pop yet very emo sound, I was hooked from the first listen. Front woman Heather Baron-Gracie sings with a beautiful yet almost haunting voice which just fits in perfectly with their gothic inspired image. I definitely think this is a band to be watching in 2018. If you are a fan of the The 1975, then I am 110% sure you’ll be a fan of up and coming Pale Waves.

Check Out Their Recent Music Video: New Year’s Eve

5 – Chvrches 

Pronounced ‘Churches’ is you’re having a little bother with the out of character ‘V’. Ah yesss, Chvrches have been around for a while and for a while they have been playing repeatedly on my music playlists. Scottish artists with a sound that is described as frosty electro-pop, what I absolutely love about Chvrches is how simply amazing the vocals from front woman Lauren Mayberry are. Just wow. To my delight the band have announced to play at TRNSMT festival in 2018 which means, quote; ‘a poppier and weirder’ album is coming our way and we can’t wait!

Check out this amazing cover from our fellow Scottish natives:

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