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The GLASGLOW GIRLS CLUB is fast becoming the most popular and quickest growing members network for women in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Beginning life as a singular Facebook group – providing a forum for Glasgow women to come together and share recommendations and advice, promote their own businesses and help each other grow professionally and personally – it has grown to incorporate a digital book club (GGC Book Geeks), a ‘Buy and Sell’ group (GGC Buy & Sell) and also a Bridal collective (GGC Brides) – all with the intention to make life in the city the best that it can be for members.

Now with monthly networking events and regular workshops taking place in collaboration with an array of experts from various professions across the city, the GGC also has its own Podcast and will launch as a Private Members’ website on the 10th December.


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On the eve of the Glasgow Girls Club’s website launch, we thought it was only an essential to catch up with founder and all around girlboss, Laura Maginess.

“A GGC member is any gal from Glasgow or the surrounding area who want to be part of a super inclusive community.”

Active members of the group ourselves, we wanted to know how the idea came around and what really drove her to create such an engaging and positive business plan:

“The Facebook group launched back in 2016.  A few of my friends had their own businesses but struggled to reach their target audience without needing big budgets.  It was about that time that the bold Mark Zuckerberg was promoting the fact that Facebook was creating communities rather then keeping people from them and groups were becoming ‘a thing’.  So I spotted a gap for a group for Glasgow gals and the rest is history!”


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The rest is history indeed! With over 11k members, Glasglow Girls Club has become the go to page for Scottish girl bosses in and around the city. Which led us to our next question… What can we expect from the website?




There are 2 types of memberships: Personal or Business.

As an official GLASGLOW GIRLS CLUB member there are plenty of perks including the below:

  • You will receive a rose gold GGC keyring that helps you unlock exclusive discounts with some of the city’s coolest locations and brands
  • Access to an exclusive quarterly magazine bringing you the best the city has to offer when it comes to grub, style, beauty, interiors, people and more.
  • Being part of a community of kick-arse females who are randomly selected to review products, events and locations in Glasgow.
  • Invites to exclusive member events, openings and previews
  • Discounted workshops and networking events
  • A categorised blog with multiple contributors covering topics including health & wellbeing, mum & baby, style, beauty, women empowerment pieces, reviews and more.
  • Subscription to our e-newsletter, ensuring you are always in the know about upcoming events and offers
  • £2 from every membership sign up will be donated to Social Bite. This forward thinking charity’s aim is to eradicate homelessness and alleviate social problems in Scotland and we want to help

 Business members benefit from all of the above, as well as

  • Having access to a business blog.
  • Enjoying business focused offers.
  • First access to business events including speed networking and workshops at an even higher discounted rate.
  • Exclusive business meet-ups
  • Private access to a GGC Business Facebook Group, where they will receive regular advice on marketing their business alongside receiving tips and information from business experts
  • £2 from every membership sign up will be donated to Social Bite. This forward thinking charity’s aim is to eradicate homelessness and alleviate social problems in Scotland and we want to help

Sounds great to us! Exclusively sharing a sneak preview of the website with NinetyFour, we can safely say the site is VERY Glasglow and we’re SUPER excited!

Make sure to check out the launch of the Glasglow Girl Club website tomorrow at 7PM. But before then Laura would like to leave us on this note:

“Follow your dreams and GLOW FOR IT.” 

Follow GGC:

Facebook Group: GlasglowGirlsClub

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Insta: @glasglowgirlsclub

Podcast: GlasglowGirlsClub

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