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The whole fitness and healthy lifestyle seems to be so in at the moment – not that it was every out, I mean it’s essential to keep yourself fit and healthy. What I mean by it being ‘in’ is it seems to be growing in popularity. I have friends who had never stepped foot inside a gym and now they’re hitting spin four times a week and choosing vegan style salads over a quick McDonalds run… the evidence is clear and it’s plastered all over social media, it seems that most people (including myself) have a separate account to keep track of their new found love for fitness.

I have always been a gym-goer and I could work out everyday of the week if I wanted to but what I seem to struggle with, within the whole ‘aspiring fitness model’ lifestyle is the diet. I skip breakfast, I don’t eat enough protein and I love to eat out.


I mean skipping breakfast and adding protein to my diet is all on me, but when I eat out I like to actually enjoy my meal, rather than having a side salad with a dry bit of grilled whatever. Yesterday while waiting on my friend to arrive in town, I decided to treat myself to breakfast and through my fitness inspired instagram account I had read a number of people going to a place by the name of Kcal Kitchen and I wanted to test the hype.







Kcal is a healthy menu restaurant that caters for all sorts of cool things, like your daily vitamin smoothie, high protein desserts and indulgent yet healthy main courses. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I think of high protein based kitchens I just think of the weights area in the gym.. y’know, the area where all the big guys lift weights and it’s slightly terrifying to venture over. So I was pleasantly surprised walking into the restaurant where the interior was only to be described as minimalistic and fresh! I am a complete sucker for a well-designed restaurant and to top off the aesthetics, the staff were super friendly and they were playing old skool funk music at 10:30 am in the morning – my kind of place.

Sitting down I ordered a cappuccino and I scrolled down the menu. Now, I consider myself a pretty ‘fussy’ eater, but I can say there was a lot of variety on the menu and everything was laid out nice and simple. There were options from pancakes, to burritos, to burgers and all reasonably priced. Obviously being a very healthy protein based restaurant there was a lot of meat orientated dishes, but I would definitely say they cater for vegetarians, also giving you the option of Tofu and other veggie alternatives. For vegans, I would say the selection is pretty limited but in saying that it’s definitely doable for a vegan to eat here and especially if you are wanting to get your daily dose of protein.

Another thing that might intrigue all you healthy lifestylers is Kcal do meal prepping… and not at too high of a cost either. I mean, meal prepping is an investment and if you’re willing to invest in your diet, the plans look straightforward and they are available to order online.

What I would say about my experience with Kcal is, it isn’t actually just targeted at fitness enthusiasts; it’s targeted at anyone who just wants to be a little bit healthier while eating out. So if you fancy a bit of guilt free indulgence for whatever meal of the day, Kcal Kitchen is on West Regent Street making it pretty central and easy to get to. Happy eating!

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