IXAR Design – Artist Opportunity




Looking for a free platform to display your fabulous work on your own page/portfolio? Look no further than IXAR Design.



IXAR was created by two twenty something year olds in the hopes to help young artists and creatives like yourself gain more recognition… We like their thinking! Allowing you to promote your artwork and latest projects for free, the boys at IXAR also give you the opportunity to print your own artwork onto T-shirts, crews and hoodies… so people can wear YOUR work, pretty cool huh?


So essentially, IXAR Design is an online platform for talented artists, a creative collective and a clothing brand all at once! With exciting new ideas, don’t hesitate to get involved with this ambitious brand that has been created with your creative opportunities in mind.

Checkout the IXAR website and email their team at jointhefamily@ixardesign.com to see how you can get involved.

See more work from IXAR:

Website: ixardesign.co.uk

Instagram: @ixardesign

Facebook: IXAR Design


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