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Welcome to January! I’m going to guess, that because it’s no longer the second, that all of your resolutions are already out the window, so I’ve devised an easier way to feel like you’ve achieved something for the start of the new year – a “Listen to” list full of Scottish artists that I think are going to be the ones you’ll hear most about in 2019 – and also because I love them.

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I heard their track DWY for the first time last month and absolutely fell in love. I instantly needed it to be in the soundtrack to a film. In fact, it made me want to write an entire feature film around it. One of my favourite tracks, (and possibly one of my favourite bands actually) of last year and I cannot wait to hear more.




I had a chat with Lucia at Electric Fields last summer, and she is possibly one of the coolest people on the planet, and her music echos that. “Cheap Talk” was released at the end of last year and I cannot wait to hear more.

Stephanie Cheape



I worked on a programme that Stephanie performed on a couple of years ago, and honestly the girl has gone from strength to strength – touring with the likes of Barns Courtney and playing at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. Her current single “Blood Sweat and Fear” is an absolute anthem, and I’ve added it to so many of my playlists, I can’t get enough!

The Dunts



Their EP “Self Proclaimed Council Punk” was released last year and I do really love it. They’re edgy, can captivate an audience, and do not sugar coat their clever lyrics. I’m excited to see where these guys go next.

The Snuts



I saw this band at TRNSMT without having heard of them previously, and within half a song, I was totally hooked. They’ve played a tonne of gigs in the last few months and I cannot wait to see them play live again. Current favourite track of theirs is “Manhattan Project,” although, “Glasgow” always goes down well too!




If you’re going to see the Wombats playing this month, make sure you get yourself along early to catch Vistas opening for them. They’re an indie dream. “Headspace” and “Tigerblood” being my favourite releases from them so far. They’re also playing a headline show in Saint Lukes at the end of May – bring your dancing shoes, you’ll not be able to stand still when they start playing.

Dancing on Tables



“Colour Me Good” was used in the background of Made In Chelsea the first time I heard it – one of the catchiest songs of 2018, and their other tracks available on Spotify are just as easy to obsess over.

Zoe Graham



Another Electric Fields find this year for me – Zoe’s voice is captivating, and she seems to be popping up everywhere I look at the moment. “Hacket and Knackered” is my favourite. And she has the eyeliner skills of dreams.

The Vegan Leather


Daniel Blake Photography


I saw Vegan Leather, again, at Electric Fields this year and then again at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards and they totally owned the stage both times. Catchy tunes that have you bopping along even if you’ve never listened before. “I Take American” is the one you want to listen to first though!

Lewis Capaldi



If you don’t already know this name then you’ve definitely been living under a rock for the last year and a bit. “Grace” and “Someone You Loved” were released in the second half of last year and catapulted Lewis into the spotlight. I’m so excited to see what comes next, from one of the funniest people you could ever follow on Instagram

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