Lieu de Mémoire

Lieu de Mémoire” is a body of work exploring the manipulation of memories to question their fallible, interchangeable nature while highlighting the inevitable personal memories which come attached.

Lieu de Memoire Submission
Lieu de Mémoire

Calling attention to the often generic nature of a family album, the series intends to capture and emphasise the emotions which are non-transferable, and are imprinted within the people, words and memories found in such personal archives.

Including a series of five embroidery hoops displaying faceless images from my own family archives, the aim of ‘Rewritten’ was also to highlight the fragility and preciousness of family life, despite the fact the figures could be just about anyone. Depicted and reworked using a traditionally domestic medium, embroidery for me stands as a statement of its own, commenting on the potentially lost craft of actual tangible documentation of family life.

rewritten image

Transparencies’ has been compiled using various slides, both found and home-made, tied with embroidery thread and displayed on a metal clothes hanger. The various types, brands and colours of the frames highlights an ever-changing landscape of life and technologies developing with the documentation of memories. The combination of a fictional reworking of my own personal history alongside found stranger’s archives has allowed me to explore and demonstrate how seamlessly a fabricated truth can be created.

transparencies collage

In addition to this, the collaged prints (screen-print and risograph) sewn onto found materials and displayed on a wooden clothes horse in ‘Six-eight-nine’ points to a more domestic approach to the idea of nostalgia and bringing the abstract, intangible idea of ‘memories’ to a visual platform. The imagery has been put together to resemble clothing hanging out to air are displayed on a wooden clothes horse.


At thirty frames per second, my rotoscope animation Jelly’ explores the idea of how we capture & store these memories, and how reliable this process is. The work looks to the manipulation of memories to question their abstract, fleeting nature.

[vimeo 267154420 w=640 h=360] jelly from Shae Myles on Vimeo.

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