Need Photos To Finish Off Your Blog Post?

So, you’ve just finished writing your latest blog post, you’ve read over it, you’ve perfected it, it’s pretty banging if you don’t say so yourself, but there’s one thing missing… Imagery.

For me, a blog needs visuals to assist the writing, it just ties the full thing together and it makes it more interesting. Resourcing a good quality photo or two for your blog might be hard if you’re not a photographer, an illustrator or you are even just lacking time to put some form of visual together to compliment your writing. The last thing you want to do is upload a rubbish low-res image and you definitely don’t want to post a picture that you don’t have the rights to post (don’t get yourself into bother pleaseeee).

As much as a trivial problem this is, it’s pretty annoying and we would like to help by directing you in the direction of 3 very useful sites that will change yo’ blogs life:


With tonnes of photos, vectors and icons to download for FREE. The only thing that freepik asks for in return is giving the creator of the photo credit (for example we have attached the pink to the image below).



This one is a personal favourite, FULL of free high quality images that were donated by some very very generous photographers.



Same again, pages and pages of high quality images and no doubt a few photographs that can match your blog post perfectly. 


Remember to always check with a photographer or artist if you are able to use their work within your website. These websites we have provided are free and you can use these images however you please!

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