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Imagine what it’s like to capture your favourite artists performing live on stage, playing your favourite songs, interacting with their fans… Well, for music photographer Alice Hadden that is just another day at the office. Self-taught with a HND in Media and Communication, Alice has recently moved from her native of Scotland to Canada and plans on developing her already exciting career further.


“I grew up in a very creative household with both musical and artistic aspects so the industry was always somewhere that I found inspiration. It wasn’t until I started following Conor McDonnell (who was capturing an Ellie Goulding tour at the time) that I realised photography is something I could and really wanted to do. From that point on I guess I just went from constantly having my phone out for photos to having this camera which seemingly came with more opportunities and options.”

You are a music photographer… A job that many people dream of doing! How did you get started in Music Photography?

 “I feel like I kind of owe my career in music photography to my dad and family. If I hadn’t gone to so many concerts when in was younger, I don’t think I would’ve fallen in love with the idea of capturing live performances. It was the first thing I wanted to capture when I got my camera and I just continued to fall in love with the idea of it. It’s still very much a dream to me and I’m constantly pinching myself.”


Do you remember the first gig you shot?

“My first ever photo pass was Ella Eyre at O2 ABC, Glasgow. I remember everything about that gig and the feeling I got walking away looking at my photos.”


What is your go to equipment for gig photos?

“My go-to would definitely be a 24-70mm zoom lens however, I currently don’t own one. My favourite is probably my 28mm at the moment.”


You have amazing clients like TRNSMT and up and coming band, Vistas. On a scale of 1-10 how important is networking within the industry?

“There have been so many opportunities that I’ve been so lucky to work on that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone up to say hi to someone. You just never know how far a simple hello can take you.”

Vistas_ALICE HADDEN_DSC_1098.jpg

What artist has been the most fun to shoot so far?

“Maggie Rogers has probably been my favourite artist to photograph. She has such an incredible stage presence and I really love her music and everything she represents.”

Your gig photo’s are amazing, you really capture the moment! Are there any other types of photography you would like to explore more of this year?

“Thank you! Definitely, I would love to get into more portraiture and travel photography. I would also love to capture some documentary work.”

It’s tough catching your first break as a photographer – it’s a very competitive industry, what to you separates the good photographers from the GREAT?

“I think the one thing that really sets photographers apart is passion. I feel like you produce your best work capturing something you’re passionate about and can always tell when someone doesn’t have the same feeling through their work.”  – we second that!


As a music fan who would be your dream artist to shoot?

“The Killers, Coldplay and Taylor Swift are probably up at the top because their live set-ups are incredible.”

As professional photographer who would be your dream artist to shoot?

I dream of doing a portrait shoot with Maggie Rogers and HAIM.”

Maggie Rogers_ALICE HADDEN_DSC_1925.jpg

What can we expect from you in 2019, more gigs? Any other projects we should look out for?

“I aim to create as much as I can in 2019. I have been jotting down ideas all year and there’s definitely a lot I’m already in love with so I’d just say expect a bit everything.”

Lastly, what advice would you give to any young photographer who dreams of capturing live music events like yourself?

“This is the most generic piece of advice but don’t compare your work to others. I struggled so much with overcoming this that there were times where I thought about changing careers. I’ve only recently come to a point where I fully appreciate my own work and the fact that I am still and always will be learning. No one knows everything and no one ever will, no matter how much better you think they are.”

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