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2019 aims to be a year of more music and touring for London based band, Charmides. Forming in a local Wetherspoons back in September 2017, the band explain that they were all best mates who all played instruments to some extent so it just made sense for them to start playing together. “Thinking about it we were probably a bit smashed at the time we committed to a first rehearsal but it was definitely worth it.”


A four piece of; Luke Darbyshire (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Aleks Naess-Clarke (Lead Guitar), Joe Evans (Bass), Sam Allen (Drums). We spoke with the boys to chat music and their upcoming plans…

So, How would you guys explain your sound and style to people who have never heard of you:

“This is always such a hard question to answer as we are influenced by so many different sounds and genres. We aim to write songs with playing them live being at the forefront of our mind – basically we want to get you hooked and jumping about with us before even the lyrics kick in! That being said we’ve got a few slower and more meaningful tracks in the works so you may see a slight change of tone with our next release!”


We love your song ‘Sandra’ what was the thought and creative process behind it?

Sandra was our first song that we wrote and finished as a band – we still end all of our sets on it as there is just so much energy to play about with!”

“We wanted our first song to be a heavy riff-based song so I somehow stumbled across the chords and riff part in my bedroom. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to the group chat and the boys got behind it. I think it only took a couple of rehearsal sessions before we had a strong base structure then the boys added their parts (drums, bass and solos etc…)”

“We didn’t really have a thought process behind it, we just liked the sound of the initial chord progression and continued it from there! We will definitely be re-recording it as some point in the future but right now we’re focusing on releasing our next track.”

Do you guys have a set process when creating music or does it happen differently everytime?

Our songs that have been recorded so far seem to follow the process of me getting a riff of vocal melody stuck in my head and then writing it down. From there, I write the lyrics and a base chord structure whilst the chaps add all of their parts to make it sound like a proper song. It seems to be working so far so we’re probably going to continue down that route.”

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What’s your favourite part of playing live?

“For us it’s the whole concept of a having night out whilst playing music in front of people. We all love going out for a drinking session so being able to play music on top of that is just insane. We’re so grateful for every single person that comes to our shows and seeing them jump about to our tracks that we’ve written blows our minds each time. There’s honestly no other feeling that can replicate it.”

What’s the plan and goals for 2019?

THE NORTH! We have lots of people on Instagram reaching out telling us to play shows up north so we’d love to go up there and play – promotors if you want a London based band to come and play hit us up!! We’re also planning on releasing another track around May / June time so we will be putting lots of effort into that and focusing on releasing our best sounding track yet – we’re very excited!” – We agree with going north! We’re slightly bias, but Glasgow has some of the best crowds in the world.

“…Whilst we also want to set up a tour, these things definitely take time so we’re just focusing on building our fanbase and making our live shows sounds best as they possibly can at the moment.”


Do you have any advice to people out there who are maybe hesitant on starting their own band?

Don’t hold back and never feel like you’re not good enough – as long as you are enjoying the music nothing else matters! It’s honestly the best feeling in the world playing on a stage and seeing people get into your music that you and your mates have written.”

Any last words from you guys?

“Yes – The biggest shout out to every single person that has streamed our tracks, followed and shared our socials and attended our shows. It is crazy seeing how much support you give us we and we can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate it!”

You can catch Charmides at The Water Rats, London 23/02/19.

For more music and gig dates from Charmides:


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