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Introducing new indie/alternative rock band SOUZA. Made up of Adam Rogers (Lead Singer/Bass), Jack Brassington (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Ben Rogers (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Harry Ball (Drums), the band formed in the northern city of Stoke On Trent.

With everyone sharing their Spotify 2018 top artists on social media, we always love to give new artists a listen and after listening to Souza’s debut single ‘On Our Way’ we thought we would give you a little introduction to the band that have a very exciting 2019 planned ahead.

Explain how Souza become a band:

Adam, Jack and Harry all started the band in early February 2018, with Jack and Harry being best mates they were in search for a bassist to kick things off as a band.  Adam was then suggested via a mutual friend and from there we began to learn a few covers before later writing our own material. We decided in the end for Adam to also take vocals on the songs we were writing.  From here we have done a lot of local gigs and with the edition of Ben to the Souza family now we look to record further material with a lot more freedom as the four piece band we have recently become.


Explain Souza’s sound?

We would best describe our sound as indie/alternative rock.  With all members of the band sharing an interest within Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses and Oasis we aim a sound that would sit along these artists.  With some punk influences within the lyrics as well we would say that this is the best way to sum up our sound. We also have a lot more in our locker for people to hear very soon which may surprise many people- in a good way.

What is ‘On Our Way’ about?

The song On Our Way is about the starting of the band and the series of first recordings that we have done.  The feeling that something great is in the works between us within the initial two verses and then the completion of it within the final verse basically outlining that we are ready to be ‘On Our Way’ to musical success- we hope.  The bridge is a diversion from the rest of the song that basically mocks people who believe they are bigger than what they actually are in life.

What is ‘Just Going Wrong’ about?

Just Going Wrong was a song that was written in the moment for us, the whole song from the initial riff to the finished lyrics and everything else took around about 20 minutes.  The riff was quite an attacking angry riff so the lyrics were easy to lay down over the top. The song is about when everything in your life is literally just going wrong and all you seem to be able to do is moan about it within a song.  


What can we expect from Souza in 2019?

Massive things are in the works with a fourth member ready for the next set of recordings you can hope for a bigger sound, more complexed song writing but with the same Souza sound behind them. We are hoping to get out of town as for say and do gigs on a more nationwide scale and we believe the tracks we have in store for everyone will allow us to do this.  We look forward to sharing with everyone what we have in the works.

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