Oh! You Met On Tinder

Ah Yes! That dreaded question that majority of millennial couples seem to dread the most… “How did you both meet?”


It’s like the ‘in a relationship’ question equivalent to “So how’s your love life?” to a singleton.

And it’s that dreaded response of “we met on tinder” and that even more dreaded patronising response of “Oh! Really?”

Yes, REALLY! We met on Tinder. Ever so sorry we don’t have a big romantic story of how we bumped into each other in the library at our university and there was just y’know, this instant magical connection and we just knew we were perfect for each other… I mean, congrats if that is actually how you found your partner, but let’s be honest that’s just not how modern day dating works.

It’s 2019 and social media is a huge part of everyone’s life, including our dating life. Tinder, Bumble or Hinge, are probably the easiest way to kick start your love life and meet some new people. You go on dates, you mess around, you match with people who aren’t really ‘your type’ and you also match with people who are bang on ‘your type’ but turn out to be a total d*ck… But what actually happens when you meet someone via a social media dating app and you actually really like them? Well, you turn the ‘dating’ status into ‘in a relationship’.

Why is the whole “we met on Tinder” thing still being shamed considering it is such a huge part of normality now? It shouldn’t be that you are ashamed by the way you met your other half while your friend brags off the fact she didn’t meet her boyfriend off tinder, he actually slid into her instagram dms which is wayyy more romantic and definitely one to tell the grand kids. Who genuinely cares that a simple swipe was the reason you both met. The reality is, that we as a generation are glued to our screens, we have more online friends than real life friends and it’s most likely that if we are single and dating, we probably will meet a few cool people via social media dating. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, times have simply changed from the good ol’ days of our grand parents and if you end up marrying the partner of your dreams that you swiped right to, then I think it’s time you stop thinking up a story of how you both met and thank the bloody founder of the app.

Tinder is our generations equivalent of ‘we met at a bar’ anyway.

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