Product Designer Turned Award Winning Photographer


This was a small group of trees that were almost entirely invisible in the dark yet had a thin, uniform row of light stretching across them. By using my process, I was able to bring a hints of form and tone to a scene that would’ve otherwise been rendered invisible to our eyesight. 

Full Name: Jamie Fleming

Age: 23

Studied: Product Design at the Glasgow School of Art

Location: Glasgow, Scotland


Social media: @j.fleming_photography 


3’20’’ at 3:20

This work was created by using a 3 minute and 20 second exposure at 3:20 in the afternoon. This was an experiment of photographing my surroundings as I experienced them during a walk around Glasgow. This meant walking and shooting with a long shutter speed to capture the blurs of my journey. 

So Jamie… Tell us your creative story?

Throughout my studies at GSA, I used photography as a tool for documenting my design process and to pitch ideas, then found myself doing product photography while working as an in-house creative at a home furnishing business. After seeing my photographs on websites, marketing material and in popular home decor magazines, I knew I wanted to work behind the camera. With my experience using studio lighting and learning how light can manipulate an objects appearance, I soon found myself out on the streets of Glasgow shooting places or things I found visually interesting. From there, I decided to treat my recent immersion in photography much like a design project, subjecting the camera to a few design research and development methods that resulted in the abstract artworks that you see today. 



This artwork was created through the set up and composition of a typical landscape shot and captured using my unique process. To further abstract the work away from its original form and set up, I used a portrait orientation. 

Tell us how you create your work, what’s the inspiration, what do you want people to feel when they view your art?

My work derives from design thinking and non-traditional photography techniques supplemented with a fair share of trial and error. My inspiration stems from the everyday and the delight that can be found in the way natural light can alter shape, colour and ultimately, perceived form. My technique produces abstract, possibly photo-expressionist artworks that are intended to deliver a unique visual experience for each viewer. I want to encourage the sharing of these ideas and interpretations of the work between individuals, with there being no correct meaning or message, demonstrating the subjectivity of art. Insights are key in the design strategy used to create the artworks, as they allow further development and refinement of my work, much like they would be used for the development of a designed product or service.



By shooting the subject with the light directly behind it, the subject loses detail and becomes a silhouette, allowing for the surrounding colour palate to become the main feature. Rather than being the key element, the silhouette of the abstracted subject becomes purely functional at instilling a sense of depth and perspective.



This artwork captures a static view of the range of motion experienced while swinging on a swing in a local park. The ranges of exposure encountered whilst moving from the lowest to the highest point of the swing creates depth through the layering of tones and whilst abstracted, still holds a resemblance to the original scene in terms of tone.

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