So You Want To Quit Your Job?


So I quit my graduate job the other day… *awkward silence*

Do I have a plan? I hear you ask… My answer to that would be nope, absolutely not. Nope, I do not have a plan, nope I do not have another flashy graduate job lined up and nope I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my life. *awkward laugh breaks awkward silence*

It’s a bit of a shame really, I managed to land myself my first design and marketing job with a company that promised me so many perks and career opportunities with the job role and as an almost-grad I was super excited to get my career kick-started before I had even finished university! Now, I am not going to bluntly turn around and say the job turned out to be absolutely sh*t and I learned absolutely nothing and it was absolutely a waste of my time because that is definitely not the case. I actually quite enjoyed my job, I got to be creative and I learned SO much about the power of marketing and the opportunities that are available online. Although the job itself was good, there was two reasons that led me to the final outcome. The first being the nature of my boss and the second being the way it was starting to affect my health. Like I said, it’s a shame but when you’re getting spoken to like you’re an idiot everyday and you’re starting to feel so bad about yourself you don’t want to get up in the morning, yeah it’s time to leave. B-byeeee!

I had the vibe from day one I was going to have problems with my boss, all the other employees seemed to fear him and I soon came to find out that when I walked through that door at 9 am, I was walking on egg shells right up until I left at 5pm. It was horrible, I couldn’t ask a question without getting a growl for an answer, yet I told myself I need the experience (and I did) so I stuck it out for just under 6 months and it is now on my CV… And I am not going to lie, it looks pretty sweet on my job applications and for the first time ever I am getting so many interviews that I am literally fighting to find space in my week to schedule them in… ahhh that silver lining after having a hell of a 6 months.

Now, if you find yourself reading this post and thinking “Damnnn, I want to quit my job too” then fear not! I have kindly taken some time and wrote down five important things to consider before you actually say “BYEEE FELICIA” to that soul sucking box you call an office… Yes, I am putting my unemployed self to good use… you are welcome!

General advice and things to consider before ditching your crappy job:

  1. Is it fundable to quit right now? – You need to be very honest with yourself and say can I actually afford to give up my job and live comfortably before finding another. My answer to that was, yes I can; I am a recent graduate who is still living in the comfort of her parents home,  I am a smart cookie who has a fair amount of savings, It is easy for me to pick up sports coaching hours for a little £££ and my only real money responsibility is making sure my mum’s car is full of petrol and paying my monthly gym membership. But for you other adults that have your sh*t more together than me and have fled the birds nest it could be a lot more complicated. Grown up things like mortgage, rent, car insurance, child care, phone bill, washing machine breakdown, the Spotify subscription you refuse to give up and that couple holiday you’ve booked for you and your partner in June… yeah you’re gonna need some spending money for that and unless you have been very clever over the years and have a big bag full of savings then maybe hold off quitting your job until you’re finically stable or have another one lined up.
  2. How to find another job? – As much as I’d love to be a lady of leisure, needs must and I will be back working full time soon with plenty of interviews lined up. Luckily for us, this day and age it is actually quite easy to find jobs in your area with the remarkable help of the internet. I am based within the U.K so websites like,, and even Gumtree (a lot of sneaky job opportunities on there) are very useful websites to find your next step… of course these websites will differ depending on what country you’re in – shout out to international readers, woo! Once you have found a few jobs that sound interesting, before applying, I STRONGLY recommend that you update your CV. I took time to re-write, re-design, spell check and add some quirky personality traits to my CV and VIOLA! I am all of a sudden an employable graduate in demand compared to my last CV where I was just straight up unemployable. My three key words of advice for your job application is to make sure it is relevant, make sure it is in proper english (or whatever language you’re applying in) and make sure it reflects the best you.
  3. Change of career or change of company? – So what is it you hate so much about your job? Are you like me where it was just the full situation and not the actual job role or do you genuinely hate the career path you have taken? Of course it is more ideal to walk into another job similar to your already existing role but I guess if you’ve just completely lost interest in what you are doing then there’s no point in getting another ‘same job’ with another company cause damn it Sharon, you’re gonna end up back at square one in a few months time. It is January, 2018… There is people making millions off posting videos online of them reviewing a bath bomb they spontaneously bought last week, anything is possible! A common career change I hear of is becoming a personal trainer and if fitness is your thing, it definitely is a shout. A girl at my uni graduated and opened up her own cake decorating business… absolutely nothing to do with what we studied but hey it’s her passion and people love cake! But like I said, it’s the 21st century you can pretty much make a career out of anything, you do you.
  4. Realistically how much longer can you go? – I had got to the point where I was crying about my work, I took it home with me every night, my boss wouldn’t let me forget about my responsibilities on the weekend with frequent texts reminding me, I was losing sleep, not eating and I felt physically sick at the thought of having another full working week of getting my hard work crumbled up and thrown back at me. Are you at my level? I couldn’t go any longer, I was one “you need to smarten up” from a nervous breakdown. I didn’t want to quit my job but I had been pushed so far that I needed to and if you are hating on your job but you can still find a little light in it, don’t quit just actively look for a new role. Get one more pay check, line up a second job and get yourself out of there… unless you are at my level then I would highly recommend running fast and far.
  5. Always leave on a good note – Although in the end I couldn’t of hated the place more if I tried, I still made sure that I left on a good note. I said goodbye to all the staff I wished them well and they wished me well… they also didn’t blame me for leaving. I wrote a polite leaving letter thanking my boss for the experience and I wished him and the rest of the team all the best for the future… but I will not be part of that future. I would never voice my true feelings about my work while working there because 1: I would of been fired and 2: They would have an excuse to bad mouth me. Once you have left your dreaded work, PLEASE I beg of you do NOT turn to social media to rant and bad mouth the named company and everyone in it… that will only back fire and make you look like one of these middle aged people who have nothing better to do with their life than complain on Facebook. Yes, I am writing online about my bad experience at my first big girl job, but for all you know my boss could of been Harry Styles and my offices were located in the suave side of London where all the Soho regulars hang. You will never know.

So yeah… I guess quitting your job is a pretty big deal, but the way I see it is everything happens for a reason and if that job wasn’t for you then it simply wasn’t for you, your happiness is FAR MORE important than your career, trust me. I feel very confident in my skills and I am very confident I will find a new job better suited to me! If anything my eyes are opened wider and I aim to go down the freelancing and online side of things. You see I now have this image of someone emailing me “Hey, can you design this project for my company?” Yes of course, let me get that started for you – as I place my laptop on my legs while lying on a sun lounger in one of the sand beaches in the south of Portugal. Ahhhh the power of the internet, it’s amazing. Remember, it’s January, 2018… The world is your oyster!

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