Succeeding as a Fashion Photographer

Featuring in issue 2 of NinetyFour Magazine is boss babe Cecilia Taylor. As a fashion photographer based in London, she talks us through her daily hustle and inspirations in achieving her dream job…

What made you pursue your chosen career/creative discipline?
I’ve always been a creative person with a restless & curious mind so, at the age of 16, I borrowed a friend’s film camera and starting shooting in my home town, Sibiu – Romania, mainly environmental portraits. I was hooked and became the girl around town that you’d always see with a camera around her neck.

How did you manage to succeed in your field? 
Hard work and perseverance along with an innate desire of not settling for things is what pushed me forward, helping me create my own style of photography and defined signature, not an easy job considering there’s a lot of strong competition out there. There’s nothing that hasn’t been done or tried before, you just need to find your own thing and share it with the world.


Describe a day in the life of your creative discipline
It’s 80% admin work and 20% photography. From casting to setting up a shoot to the shoot day, there’s a lot of field that needs to be covered before you go all out on social media and show the results. You need to be not only an amazing photographer and creative director but an excellent PR person too.

What challenges and rewards have you experienced regarding your career?
There have been many challenges on the way, setbacks if you like, but I always try to transform them into opportunities and grow from them. I have had the opportunity and honour to work with many talented people without whom I wouldn’t be where I am now. Very grateful.

Facetune_17-04-2018-22-54-22xDo you have any advice for those wishing to pursue a creative career similar to yours?
The only advice I could really give is find your own path no matter how hard that is, stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams just because you stumble at times.

What does the future hold for you?
I hope to further develop and shape up my photography style, continue working with amazing talent, branch out internationally and achieve my goals.

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