“A movement of peace and love through free expression. Being who you truly are to inspire others to be themselves and create unity, And a more colourful, accepting, free world.”


Personal, sustainable and eye-catching are words that come to mind when we think of 11.11earth’s personalised jackets. Leah-Brooklyn, founder of 11.11earth wants to encourage people to be their true self, do what they want to do and don’t give a sh*t what other people may think of you. “11.11 is for all. It’s for expressing your inner magic!”

Explain to us how you make the jackets?

“I channel each jacket from my higher self so that I can express the spirit of the being who will be wearing the jacket. I ask each person for their inspiration for what they want to express and then I just let my intuition create from a place of no thought, it feels so magical when I see how perfect it is for that unique individual. The creation of each jacket is truly a special spiritual experience.”


Your brand is very unique, what inspired the original idea?

“I experienced a spiritual awakening in 2016, I started to discover who I truly am and then began to express it in the way I dressed. I’ve always loved a biker jacket so I decided to paint a biker jacket with all of my realisations of self to show the world who I truly am and from there 11.11 Earth was born in divine flow. I feel so grateful to now be expressing for people’s spirits all over Earth!”


11.11 EARTH creates a very positive vibe, who is your target market?

“It’s for beings who choose to be themselves and express who they truly are, which I believe is an infinite limitless being of love. It’s for the dreamers, The misfits, the lovers, the “weirdos”. 11.11 is for all. It’s for expressing your inner magic!”


We see that you’re releasing some denim products, anything else we should be looking our for in 2019?

“Definitely new tees, bags, accessories! Every thing is limited edition and one of a kind so that it will always be special! And of course custom orders which is unique to YOU! More than clothing in 2019 we will be starting events to celebrate peace love and free expression, and spreading the movement all over Earth!”

If you were to say your brand had one message… what would it be?

“Be true to your soul”


Would 11.11 EARTH ever be looking to collaborate with fellow creative talent?

“My vision for 11.11 is to have artists all over Earth creating jackets, it is important to me to give artists a place to create so they don’t have to get a “normal” job. This is for the dreamers. This is for artists!”

So… What are the main goals for 11.11 EARTH this year?

“Spread the movement all over Earth, inspire as many people as possible to express their spirit, inspiring events, festivals, have many influential beings wearing the jackets to inspire others! So much greatness and magic and growth!”


Lastly, what advice would you give your younger self before starting your own brand?

“Be true to yourself. Follow your dreams no matter what anyone says. Believe in your magic. And that’s what I did 🙂 take risks and just do it! Life is precious and we’ve all been given a purpose to fulfil!”

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