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Article by Mollie Davies

As many others are, lots of us are already preparing for the new things we will do in 2019. It’s a funny thing, a new year. We sign off in emails vouching to reconnect with people in the new year, as though one day makes all the difference. We all bound ourselves to the band wagon of ‘new year, new me’ and start another crazy diet, but what we often don’t do, is promise to look after ourselves, and really stick with it.


Federica Trimarchi has got the new year mood nailed. She created The Mood Club to encourage self care. Her cards speak for themselves universally, but encourage and empower women in a way that isn’t forced, and never seems too overly feminine.

The Mood Club cards are not only beautiful to look at, but really help in reflection. If you need a mood boost, then take 2019 as the year of self care. I’ve named it that, anyway. I sat down with Fede to ask her some questions about why she does what she does, and the answers are just lovely.

Fede was born in Milan, Italy. She is one of three children. Her parents are designers and she says “creativity and curiosity have always been key values in our life, together with generosity and tolerance.” Fede’s creative background is the reason that she has travelled so much, learning languages along the way. She always wanted to pursue her dreams and explore the ways in which “humans relate to each other and act responsibly in society”, so she studied Philosophy at university, and went on to study a MA in Social Ethics. After graduating, Fede found the natural application of her theoretical interests in the social sector, were she been working since.

I asked Fede to tell me about the organisations she has been a part of, as they often achieved system change. She told me how this contributed to her ideas for The Mood Club.

“For the past five years, I have been working for big and small social enterprises aimed at making a positive impact into the world, mainly in the mental health space. I have learnt a lot about what it takes to run an organisation with a social purpose and became passionate about helping vulnerable people thriving during difficult times. I set up The Mood Club because I wanted to embrace a new challenge and put in practice what I have learned on my own, but mainly because I wanted to inspire and support women, and new mothers in particular, to take care of their mental wellbeing. After lots of thinking, researching and testing, I have designed The Mood Cards, a set of prompt cards containing small activities to boost your mood and encourage self-care and self-growth.”

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The impact that The Mood Club has had on Fede’s life has been inspiring. She has really embedded The Mood Club into her personal life, by sharing content on her blog and social media, she has been able to share her personal experiences of mental health with others.

She says “while I am sharing tips on how to thrive and feel better, I am also reflecting on how I can do the same. In this sense, my work has helped me a lot through difficult times and pushed me to practice what I preach by always keeping a positive mindset.”

It’s important to Fede that The Mood Club helps people in a positive way, and inspires and encourages, especially women. The reasoning behind this is that Fede feels women “are often under the pressure of mastering multiple responsibilities at a time (as partners, professionals, mothers), often forgetting to take care of themselves and their wellbeing.” The most important part for Fede, is to make everybody aware that we all struggle, but we can all do things, daily, that will help us feel better.


Some of the nicest things to happen in business, are receiving those heartwarming responses from customers and colleagues. You always want to have a positive impact on people, and when working in the social sector, this feedback is invaluable. Fede has “received many wonderful feedback and messages, especially on social media, where having open and honest conversation is actually possible (when using them in the right way).” It really makes you feel like what you do has purpose, and for Fede, it makes it worthwhile She told me “I was touched by one in particular, a woman going through a tough time, who told me The Mood Cards came her way just at the right time, and really helped her coping. Knowing that something you have ideated can make a difference in someone else’s life is the most incredible feeling and definitely the reason why I am doing this.”

Something that was wonderful to hear, was that Fede has new products in the pipeline, and says that they will be making an appearance in the new year.

You can find out more about Fede and the brand, and buy from The Mood Club HERE


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