The Mothman Prophecies


On November 15, 1966, in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA, a young couple, Scarberry and Mallette were harassed by two strange red eyes, similar to those of an insect, while they were walking to their car, near an abandoned explosives factory.

After a few minutes, they realized that a giant human figure two meters tall, gray and with two huge wings, was watching them. The strange stalker, in an instant, spread his wings and began to chase the young couple’s car, which accelerated rapidly, towards the town. That same month of November, the strange being appeared more times to many neighbors at Point Pleasant, reason why the local press soon informed on the strange events, baptizing to the strange creature as “the mothman”.

One month later, on December 15, a terrible event occurred, which caused the entire town to forget the strange being: the Silver Bridge, the Point Pleasant bridge, which crossed the Ohio River, suddenly collapsed. 46 people died.

John Alva Keel (March 25, 1930, Hornell, NY – July 3, 2009, NY), better known as John Keel, was a writer, journalist and paranormal researcher, who was convinced that this fateful event it was related to the strange apparitions of the “mothman”.

Keel continued investigating this case, to finally publish an essay in 1975, titled The Mothman Prophecies, where he presented some theories about revolutionary paranormal phenomena. There he introduced the famous “men in black”; strange characters, it is not known whether humans or not, always dressed in black, behaving strangely, and often persuaded the witnesses of the “mothman” or UFO sightings, so they do not tell anyone anything.

The Mothman Prophecies was his most famous book (in 2002, the film director Mark Pellington, premiered a film with the same title, starring Richard Gere), and signified the confirmation of his general theory about the paranormal world, which he already suggested in an earlier essay, titled Operation Trojan Horse (1970).

For John Keel, the strange “mothman” was not an extraterrestrial being, but rather a creature “from within the earth”, very similar to the monsters, goblins or devils of the ancient legends of the folklore of our civilization, which he tried to communicate with the inhabitants of Point Pleasant. In the same way, the explanation of the sightings of flying saucers, would not be more than a current manifestation of the old magical beings of thousands of years ago, that are presented to us in different ways.

The conclusion that came from Keel, after a lifetime of paranormal research, was that we never get to understand the extraterrestrial UFO phenomenon, since it would be something like a fisherman who speaks to the fish that he has just caught. So, if ever, one of you witness a UFO sighting, or stumbles upon a strange being with insectoid features, do not be afraid. Just ask the question that Keel always asked himself: What do these people want from us?

Vicente Aguado

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