There’s Got To Be More To Life Than Working 9-5


Graduating and walking into your first 9-5 job can be very overwhelming, and a bit of a shock to the system if you’ve just come from a pretty flexible university schedule. All of a sudden, you’re thrown into an adult routine, constantly trying to keep up with all the things you do outside of your job. For example, going to the gym, keeping up with your side projects, going to a class once a week, seeing your friends and family, socialising and generally just being a fucking happy human being.

I know I’m lucky to have a job within the creative field that I studied, because as we all know, so many people struggle to get their foot in the door. But I can’t help but constantly ask myself, “there’s got to be more to life than working 9 to 5”.

I feel like a robot some weeks. I’m definitely not one to shy away from a little hard work and I’m motivated in my job role. What really bothers me is having to turn up to the same office everyday between certain hours and if I don’t, I’m in big trouble. It almost feels like a trap – a little routine is good, but too much can be destructive… We all need to live a little.


If I raised this problem to my parents, their response would be; “that’s life”.

That’s life apparently. That’s the life of the working world as we know it, you have no other option other than to slave your butt off working for some other person’s dream… But this is where I completely disagree with my parents. I’ve been brought up with the mentality that as soon as you leave school, you need to work… which is what I’m doing. But where the difference lies between us millennials and our parents’ generation is that, we’re starting to question this repetitive routine. Why do we need to work 9-5 just to get by in life?

Is it because I want to save up and buy a house as an investment for later life? No, I don’t know where I’ll be by the end of my 20s, never mind ‘later life’. Australia? Who bloody knows. Is it because I want to save up and just have extra money for the wife and kids in later life? Nope. Hell at this rate I don’t think I even believe in marriage. Or, is it because I want to keep going on all inclusive holidays to same sunny resort in Spain we went last year? No, a hostel, a rail card and few tinnies will see me through this summer.

Our generation thinks differently to the last and I feel it’s a constant battle of breaking ‘the norm’. Don’t get me wrong, 9-5 is the perfect lifestyle for some people and that’s okay – everyone is different and you do you! But for the rest of us, we’re fed up of being told what to do. We’re the generation to break the status quo. We are a generation of creators, freelancers, bloggers, app developers, entrepreneurs, and online sensations. The list goes on. We don’t need the 9-5 security because we’ve created jobs that didn’t exist a few years ago, and I’m positive there’s more to come. If we aren’t happy with the lifestyle then we just need to take a moment to sit down and think about our options – because being unhappy… ‘that’s NOT life’.

It’s leading a comfortable life vs taking risks and actually living the life that you want. After all, money isn’t everything. There’s nothing wrong with failing and picking yourself back up again if you’re doing something that makes you happy. Life is more than working 9-5 and I, like many others of my generation, certainly don’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life.

Edited by Ella Thorold

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